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Former Union Minister Rajiv Chandrasekhar Refutes Elon Musk's EVM Concerns

In response to recent remarks made by Elon Musk regarding the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) used in India, former Union Minister of State for Electronics and Information Technology, Rajiv Chandrasekhar, has asserted his confidence in the reliability and security of these systems.

Musk's Statement and Chandrasekhar's Response

Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, had expressed doubts about the integrity of India's EVMs during a recent interaction on Twitter. In a series of tweets, he opined that the absence of a paper trail in the EVM voting system made it vulnerable to potential manipulation.

Chandrasekhar countered Musk's concerns, stating that India's EVMs are "extremely secure" and have been subject to rigorous testing and evaluation by independent experts. He emphasized that the EVM technology has been extensively used in India for the past two decades, facilitating "free, fair, and transparent" elections.

Addressing Concerns about EVM Security

Chandrasekhar delved into the technical aspects of EVMs to address Musk's concerns. He explained that EVMs employ multiple layers of encryption and security protocols to prevent unauthorized access or tampering. Each EVM unit has a unique identification number that is linked to a specific polling station, ensuring that votes are accurately recorded and counted.

EVM Features Enhancing Reliability

Chandrasekhar highlighted several key features of EVMs that contribute to their reliability:

  • Stand-Alone Operation: EVMs operate independently without any external connectivity, eliminating the risk of remote manipulation.
  • Internal Memory Storage: Votes are stored securely within the EVM's internal memory, making it impossible to alter or erase the results without physical access to the device.
  • Non-Volatile Memory: The EVM's non-volatile memory ensures that data is retained even in the event of power outages or interruptions.
  • Tamper-Proof Design: EVMs are designed with tamper-proof seals and mechanisms to detect any unauthorized tampering attempts.

Independent Audits and Technical Expertise

Chandrasekhar emphasized that India's EVMs have undergone rigorous audits and testing by multiple independent agencies, including the Election Commission of India (ECI), National Informatics Centre (NIC), and the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). These audits have consistently affirmed the reliability and integrity of the EVM system.

He explained that the ECI has a dedicated technical team that continuously monitors and upgrades the EVM technology, ensuring that the systems remain secure and impervious to potential threats.

Global Recognition and Track Record

Chandrasekhar pointed out that India's EVMs have been adopted by several countries around the world, including Nepal, Bhutan, and Namibia, due to their proven reliability and cost-effectiveness. The successful track record of EVMs in these countries further attests to their integrity and effectiveness.

Openness to Scrutiny and Collaboration

Chandrasekhar expressed a willingness to engage with Musk and other stakeholders to discuss the technical aspects of EVMs and address any specific concerns or questions they may have. He reiterated that the Government of India is committed to ensuring the integrity and transparency of the electoral process.


In conclusion, former Union Minister Rajiv Chandrasekhar firmly rejected Elon Musk's concerns about the security of India's Electronic Voting Machines. He provided detailed technical explanations and highlighted the rigorous testing and audits that have validated the reliability and integrity of the EVM system.

Chandrasekhar emphasized the Government of India's commitment to maintaining the trust of the electorate and ensuring that elections are conducted in a free, fair, and transparent manner. He expressed openness to engaging with Musk and other stakeholders to discuss EVM technology and address any specific concerns or questions they may have.

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