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The First Descendant's Tutorial Robot Speaks at Hyper-Speed, Frustrating Players

"The First Descendant," a highly anticipated third-person shooter game, has recently encountered an unexpected challenge during its tutorial phase. Players have found themselves struggling to keep up with the blindingly fast speech of the tutorial robot, known as E.L.L.A.

E.L.L.A., tasked with guiding players through the game's mechanics and backstory, delivers a barrage of information at such an accelerated pace that many have been forced to resort to taking screenshots of her dialogue simply to decipher her words. This has hindered players' comprehension of the game's essential elements and has led to widespread frustration.

The issue stems from the game's ambitious attempt to convey a significant amount of information in a brief tutorial sequence. E.L.L.A. attempts to cover various aspects of the game, including character classes, abilities, loot, and game modes, all within a limited time frame.

Players have taken to social media to express their exasperation, with many highlighting the need for a slower and more accessible tutorial system. Several have even suggested that the game offer closed captioning or subtitles to facilitate comprehension.

One player, a Reddit user known as "SigmaSensei," aptly captured the essence of the problem: "I'm literally trying to screenshot the entire tutorial because the robot's talking so fast I can't even read what she's saying. I feel like a grandma using a smartphone for the first time."

Another player, "Zenithal-Dragon," lamented the potential frustration this issue could cause for new players: "It's really frustrating because I'm sure a lot of players may get turned off if they can't grasp the basics."

The developers behind "The First Descendant," Nexon, have acknowledged the issue and are reportedly working on a solution. In the meantime, players are advised to be patient and make use of the available tools, such as screenshots and fan-created guides, to supplement their understanding.

Proposed Solutions to the Tutorial Speed Issue

In addition to the developers' ongoing efforts to resolve the problem, various solutions have been put forth by the community to mitigate the impact of E.L.L.A.'s rapid-fire speech.

1. Adjustable Tutorial Speed: Implementing a feature that allows players to adjust the tutorial speed would provide greater flexibility and accommodate different comprehension levels. Players could customize the pace to suit their preferences, ensuring that they can grasp the information without feeling overwhelmed.

2. Closed Captioning or Subtitles: Adding closed captioning or subtitles to E.L.L.A.'s dialogue would significantly improve accessibility. Players who struggle to follow the spoken word could rely on the text on the screen to understand the instructions and game details.

3. Interactive Tutorial: Replacing the robotic narration with an interactive tutorial system could enhance learning and engagement. Players could be presented with hands-on experiences and guided through practical exercises, aiding in the comprehension of game mechanics and controls.

4. Comprehensive Written Guide: Providing a comprehensive written guide alongside the tutorial would offer an alternative resource for players to refer to. They could consult the guide at their own pace to supplement the in-game instructions and clarify any concepts that were missed during the fast-paced tutorial.

5. Community-Created Guides: Encourage and support community-created guides that break down the game's mechanics and provide helpful tips. These guides could offer a more detailed and accessible explanation of the game's elements, complementing the in-game tutorial.

By addressing this issue and implementing appropriate solutions, Nexon can ensure that all players have a positive and informative onboarding experience with "The First Descendant."

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