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Leader-Herald's 4th of July Kids' Coloring Contest Entries


The Leader-Herald newspaper proudly held its annual 4th of July Kids' Coloring Contest, inviting young artists of all ages to express their creativity and celebrate the spirit of Independence Day. The contest drew an overwhelming response, with numerous entries showcasing the exceptional talent and imagination of the participants.

Judging and Selection Process

A panel of esteemed judges, composed of local educators and art enthusiasts, meticulously reviewed each submission. The judges carefully evaluated the entries based on the following criteria:

  • Creativity and Originality: The uniqueness and freshness of the design
  • Use of Color: The harmonious and vibrant application of colors
  • Technical Skill: The precision and attention to detail in execution
  • Overall Impression: The impact and emotional resonance of the artwork

After a thorough and thoughtful deliberation, the judges selected the top entries in three age categories: 3-5 years, 6-8 years, and 9-12 years.

Age Category: 3-5 Years

First Place:

  • Emma Haggerty, age 4

Emma's captivating artwork depicts an exuberant Uncle Sam adorned in the colors of the American flag. The bold lines and vibrant hues create a dynamic and engaging visual experience.

Second Place:

  • Aiden Riley, age 3

Aiden's charming submission features a smiling eagle perched on the edge of a fireworks display. The soft, pastel colors add a whimsical and heartwarming touch.

Third Place:

  • Annabelle Smith, age 5

Annabelle's intricate drawing showcases a majestic bald eagle soaring through the sky above a picturesque American landscape. The intricate details and harmonious colors evoke a sense of awe and inspiration.

Age Category: 6-8 Years

First Place:

  • Olivia Jones, age 8

Olivia's vibrant creation depicts a fireworks display bursting against the backdrop of the Statue of Liberty. The vibrant colors and dynamic composition capture the joyous spirit of the 4th of July celebration.

Second Place:

  • Ethan Davis, age 7

Ethan's imaginative drawing features a group of children waving American flags while wearing red, white, and blue clothing. The expressive faces and rich details convey a sense of patriotism and camaraderie.

Third Place:

  • Emily Carter, age 6

Emily's detailed artwork portrays an American eagle soaring above a town adorned with festive decorations. The intricate lines and vibrant colors create a visually stunning and symbolic representation of the nation.

Age Category: 9-12 Years

First Place:

  • Sophia Brown, age 10

Sophia's exceptional drawing features a realistic rendition of the Liberty Bell surrounded by a wreath of flowers. The delicate shading and meticulous attention to detail bring the iconic symbol to life.

Second Place:

  • Jack Williams, age 11

Jack's innovative artwork depicts a fireworks display exploding against a night sky, creating a mesmerizing and imaginative scene. The vibrant colors and abstract forms evoke a sense of wonder and celebration.

Third Place:

  • Isabella Garcia, age 12

Isabella's creative submission captures the spirit of the 4th of July with a colorful collage of American flags, fireworks, and patriotic symbols. The vibrant hues and layered composition create a visually captivating and meaningful artwork.


The Leader-Herald extends its heartfelt congratulations to all the participants of the 4th of July Kids' Coloring Contest. Each entry showcased the boundless creativity and artistic talent of our young community members. The newspaper takes great pride in fostering a love of art and celebrating the spirit of Independence Day.

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