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Generous Donations to Bring Drowning Prevention Program to Hawaii


Drowning is a major public health concern, particularly in Hawaii, where water-related activities are prevalent. To combat this issue, a comprehensive drowning prevention program is being implemented, thanks to substantial donations from generous individuals and organizations.

Program Overview

The Drowning Home Mobile program, a groundbreaking initiative, will provide free water safety lessons and distribute life jackets to families in underserved communities throughout Hawaii. The program aims to empower individuals and families with the knowledge, skills, and equipment necessary to stay safe around water.

Target Population

The program specifically targets low-income families and individuals who may lack access to traditional water safety education or resources. By providing free lessons and life jackets, the program seeks to bridge disparities and ensure that all individuals have an equal opportunity to learn and practice water safety.

Program Components

The Drowning Home Mobile program consists of several key components:

  • Water Safety Lessons: Certified instructors will conduct interactive and age-appropriate water safety lessons at various community locations. These lessons cover basic water safety skills, such as swimming, floating, and recognizing potential hazards.
  • Life Jacket Distribution: Free life jackets will be distributed to participating families. Life jackets are a crucial safety device that can significantly reduce the risk of drowning.
  • Community Outreach: The program will engage with community organizations, schools, and other stakeholders to raise awareness about drowning prevention and promote the importance of water safety.

Benefits of the Program

The Drowning Home Mobile program is expected to have a significant impact on reducing drowning rates in Hawaii. By providing free water safety lessons and life jackets, the program will:

  • Enhance water safety knowledge and skills among underserved populations.
  • Increase access to life jackets, a critical safety device.
  • Foster a culture of water safety awareness within the community.
  • Empower families to protect their loved ones from drowning.

Fundraising and Support

The Drowning Home Mobile program is supported by generous donations from various sources, including individuals, foundations, and corporate sponsors. These contributions have enabled the program to expand its reach and provide essential water safety education and resources to those who need them most.

Partnerships and Collaboration

The program operates through a collaborative partnership between Drowning Prevention International, the Hawaii Department of Health, and various community organizations. This collaboration ensures a coordinated and effective approach to drowning prevention efforts.

Call to Action

While substantial donations have been secured, additional funding and support are still needed to sustain the Drowning Home Mobile program. Individuals and organizations are encouraged to contribute to this vital initiative and help create a safer future for Hawaii's families.


The Drowning Home Mobile program is a testament to the power of collaboration and community support. By providing free water safety lessons, distributing life jackets, and raising awareness, the program aims to reduce drowning rates and create a safer environment for all in Hawaii. Every donation made to this program represents an investment in the lives of our keiki and families, ensuring their enjoyment of Hawaii's beautiful waters in a safe and responsible manner.

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