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CenterPoint Energy Aims to Restore Power for Over a Million Customers by Wednesday Night

Affected Areas and Timelines:

CenterPoint Energy is diligently working to restore electricity to approximately 1 million customers who lost power during the recent severe weather events. The company anticipates that the majority of these customers will have their power back by the end of Wednesday, July 12th.

Restoration Progress:

As of early Wednesday morning, CenterPoint Energy has restored power to over 500,000 customers. Restoration crews have been working around the clock to repair damaged equipment and replace downed power lines.

Prioritizing Critical Infrastructure:

CenterPoint Energy is prioritizing the restoration of power to critical infrastructure facilities, such as hospitals, fire stations, and water treatment plants. These facilities play a vital role in ensuring the safety and well-being of the community.

Estimated Restoration Times:

While CenterPoint Energy estimates that most customers will have power restored by Wednesday night, some customers may experience longer outages due to severe damage. In these cases, the company will provide specific restoration times to affected customers.

Customer Support:

Customers who are experiencing a power outage are advised to contact CenterPoint Energy at 713-207-2222 to report the outage and inquire about restoration times. The company has also set up an online outage map where customers can track the progress of restoration efforts.

Safety Precautions:

CenterPoint Energy reminds customers to prioritize safety during power outages. Downed power lines can be extremely dangerous, so it is crucial to stay away from them and report them to the company immediately. Customers should also use generators safely and follow manufacturer instructions to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.

Additional Support:

For customers who are unable to return to their homes due to power outages or other storm-related damage, CenterPoint Energy is offering assistance. The company has partnered with the United Way of Greater Houston to provide temporary shelter and other support services.

Continued Monitoring and Updates:

CenterPoint Energy is closely monitoring the restoration progress and will provide regular updates to customers. The company's website and social media channels will contain the latest information and estimated restoration times.

Additional Information:

  • CenterPoint Energy has deployed over 1,000 workers to assist with restoration efforts.
  • The company has partnered with other utility companies to provide mutual assistance in areas where there is significant damage.
  • CenterPoint Energy encourages customers to sign up for text alerts to receive the latest restoration updates.
  • The company is committed to the safety of its customers and employees and will continue to work diligently until all customers have power restored.

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