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Baldur's Gate 3's Early Access Is a Comprehensive Tutorial, According to Larian Boss

Swen Vincke, the CEO of Larian Studios, recently stated that players should perceive the entirety of Baldur's Gate 3's first act as an extended tutorial. This perspective underscores the game's focus on introducing players to its intricate systems and mechanics gradually.

A Gradual Introduction to Complex Systems

Baldur's Gate 3 presents players with an array of multifaceted systems, including character creation, combat, spellcasting, and dialogue. To ensure a smooth and accessible learning curve, the first act is designed to expose players to these systems incrementally.

Character Creation and Customization

Players begin by creating their custom character, selecting from a variety of races, classes, and backgrounds. The initial character creation process is relatively straightforward, allowing players to grasp the fundamentals of character building. As players progress through the first act, they will encounter opportunities to further customize and refine their character, enhancing their understanding of the intricate character development system.

Combat Mechanics and Strategy

Combat in Baldur's Gate 3 is turn-based and highly tactical. The first act serves as an arena for players to familiarize themselves with the game's combat mechanics. They will encounter a range of enemies, each with unique abilities and vulnerabilities. Through these encounters, players can experiment with different character classes, spells, and abilities, learning the strengths and limitations of each.

Spellcasting and Magical Abilities

Players who choose to play spellcasting classes will find the first act an invaluable resource for honing their magical prowess. The game introduces spells gradually, allowing players to master a few spells before unlocking more powerful and complex ones. Through experimentation and exploration, players will develop a comprehensive understanding of the game's spellcasting system.

Branched Dialogue and Narrative Choices

Baldur's Gate 3 emphasizes player choice and narrative branching. The first act presents players with a myriad of dialogue options and narrative paths. By engaging with different characters and making decisions, players will learn how their choices shape the story's progression and the relationships they forge within the game world.

Learning by Doing

Larian's approach to the first act as a tutorial is rooted in the philosophy of "learning by doing." Players are encouraged to explore the game world, experiment with different systems, and embrace failure as an opportunity for growth. The game provides ample opportunities for experimentation and discovery, allowing players to develop their skills and knowledge organically.

Benefits of a Comprehensive Tutorial

The extended tutorial approach adopted by Baldur's Gate 3's first act offers several advantages:

  • Enhanced Accessibility: The gradual introduction of systems minimizes the potential for players to feel overwhelmed by the complexity of the game.

  • Improved Understanding: The hands-on experience allows players to develop a deeper comprehension of the game's mechanics and strategies.

  • Reduced Frustration: By providing a controlled environment for learning, the tutorial reduces the likelihood of players encountering insurmountable challenges due to a lack of understanding.

  • Smoother Transition: The gradual progression of the tutorial ensures a seamless transition from the early stages of the game to more advanced content.


Larian Studios' decision to frame the entirety of Baldur's Gate 3's first act as a tutorial is a testament to their commitment to player accessibility and learning. By introducing complex systems incrementally and providing ample opportunities for experimentation, the game empowers players to develop their skills and knowledge, setting the stage for an immersive and rewarding experience throughout the rest of the game.

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