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Verizon and T-Mobile Devices Lag Behind in Receiving June Pixel Update

A significant Android update released by Google in June has yet to reach the majority of Verizon and T-Mobile devices, leaving many users without access to the latest security patches, bug fixes, and feature enhancements.

Affected Devices

The update, designated as the June 2023 Pixel Feature Drop, is compatible with all Pixel devices from the Pixel 4 and later. However, Verizon and T-Mobile subscribers have reported that their devices have not yet received the update, while users on other carriers have already installed it successfully.

Reasons for the Delay

The reasons for the delay in delivering the update to Verizon and T-Mobile devices are not entirely clear. One possible explanation is that these carriers require additional time to test and approve software updates before releasing them to customers. Another possibility is that there may be compatibility issues with specific device models or network configurations.

Impact on Users

The delayed update has several implications for users:

  • Security risks: The update includes important security patches that address known vulnerabilities in the Android operating system. Without these patches, devices are more susceptible to malware, hacking, and other security threats.
  • Bug fixes: The update also includes fixes for various bugs and glitches that have been reported by users. These fixes can improve device performance, stability, and user experience.
  • Feature enhancements: The June update introduces new features and enhancements, such as improvements to camera capabilities, battery optimization, and accessibility features. Users who have not received the update are missing out on these benefits.

Timeline for Update

Verizon and T-Mobile have not provided a specific timeline for when the June Pixel update will be available for their devices. Users are advised to check the system update settings on their devices regularly to see if the update is now available.

Alternative Solutions

In the meantime, users can take the following steps to mitigate the risks and inconveniences associated with the delayed update:

  • Enable automatic updates: Ensure that the option to automatically download and install software updates is enabled on your device. This will ensure that the update will be applied as soon as it becomes available.
  • Check for updates manually: Go to the system update settings on your device and manually check for updates. Sometimes, updates may not be downloaded automatically.
  • Install the update manually: If you have the necessary technical knowledge and experience, you can manually download and install the June Pixel update from the Google Developer website. However, this is not recommended for inexperienced users.
  • Contact your carrier: Reach out to Verizon or T-Mobile customer support to inquire about the status of the update for your device. They may be able to provide more information or assist you with the installation process.


The delay in delivering the June Pixel update to Verizon and T-Mobile devices is a concern for users who rely on their devices for communication, productivity, and entertainment. While the reasons for the delay are unclear, users are encouraged to take the necessary steps to minimize the risks and inconveniences associated with the delayed update.

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