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Transforming into Konan from Naruto: An Immersive Cosplay Guide

Konan, the enigmatic and formidable kunoichi from the hidden Amegakure village, is celebrated for her unwavering loyalty and formidable abilities in the Naruto anime series. Her iconic appearance, characterized by long, azure hair, ethereal paper wings, and piercing blue eyes, has captivated countless fans. Embark on a captivating journey to recreate this beloved character with this comprehensive cosplay tutorial.


  • Long, blue wig (straight or slightly wavy)
  • White fabric for the headband
  • Black fabric for the Akatsuki cloak
  • White fabric for the paper wings (optional)
  • Paper clay or air dry clay
  • Acrylic paints (white, black, blue, red)
  • Paintbrushes
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Wire (for crafting the wings)
  • White gloves

Costume Construction:

  1. Headband: Cut a strip of white fabric to the desired length and width of the headband. Fold the edges inward and glue them together. Attach a small metal plate (or a painted piece of cardboard) to the center of the headband.

  2. Akatsuki Cloak: Drape the black fabric over your body, aligning the edges at the back. Pin the fabric at the shoulders and under the arms. Sew or glue the seams. Create a hood by cutting a semi-circle of black fabric, sewing it to the back of the cloak, and leaving an opening for the face.

  3. Paper Wings: This optional step involves crafting ethereal paper wings inspired by Konan's abilities. Sketch the shape of the wings on a piece of paper and cut them out. Cover the paper with a thin layer of paper clay or air dry clay. Once dry, paint the wings white, blue, and black to match Konan's aesthetic. Attach wire to the wings for support.


  1. Paper Explosives: Mold paper clay or air dry clay into small, flat discs. Paint them white and attach thin strips of black paper to the edges.

  2. Kunai: Create a kunai knife using cardboard or foam. Paint it black and add a silver or gray tip.

  3. Headset: Konan's signature headset is a vital accessory. Use a headband as the base and attach two paper horns made from white fabric or paper clay. Paint the horns black on the tips.

Makeup and Styling:

  1. Wig: Brush the blue wig to remove any tangles. Divide the hair into two sections and tie it into high ponytails. You can add hairspray to hold the ponytails in place.

  2. Makeup: Apply a base makeup to match your skin tone. Use blue eyeshadow to create a subtle gradient on your eyelids, blending it upwards towards your eyebrows. Line your eyes with black eyeliner and add false lashes for a dramatic effect.

  3. Contacts (Optional): Blue or purple contact lenses can enhance the illusion of Konan's piercing gaze. However, ensure they are professionally fitted to avoid any eye irritation.


Don the Akatsuki cloak and headband. Arrange the paper sculptures (wings, explosives, kunai) in a strategic manner. Attach the wings to your back using wire or straps. Slip on the white gloves and place the headset on your head.


To fully embody the essence of Konan, study her characterization from the anime. Embrace her unwavering loyalty, her strategic brilliance, and her quiet but powerful resolve. Let these qualities guide your portrayal and bring life to the enigmatic kunoichi.

Additional Tips:

  • Practice posing and emulating Konan's signature hand gestures.
  • Pay attention to the details of her costume, such as the red clouds on the Akatsuki cloak and the intricate designs on her headband.
  • Consider using lightweight materials for the wings to avoid discomfort while posing.
  • If you are embellishing the wings with paint, allow ample time for drying to prevent smudging.
  • Seek assistance from a friend or fellow cosplayer for help with photography and capturing the perfect shots.

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