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Supercell Advocates for Increased Mobile Representation at Summer Game Fest

In a recent interview, Ilkka Paananen, CEO of mobile gaming giant Supercell, expressed his belief that more mobile games should be showcased at prominent gaming events like Summer Game Fest. Despite the immense popularity and revenue generated by mobile gaming, Paananen contends that the platform continues to be underrepresented at major gaming gatherings.

Paananen attributes this disparity, in part, to the challenges of showcasing mobile games on the scale and with the production values typical of console and PC games. Mobile games are often designed for short-session play on handheld devices, rendering them less suitable for the lengthy demos and gameplay showcases common at events like Summer Game Fest.

However, Paananen argues that these obstacles should not deter the inclusion of mobile games. He proposes that organizers explore alternative methods to showcase mobile games, such as bite-sized gameplay clips, live demonstrations, and dedicated mobile gaming zones. By embracing innovation and creativity, he believes that Summer Game Fest could attract a broader audience and cater to the growing base of mobile gamers.

The Rise of Mobile Gaming

The mobile gaming industry has experienced exponential growth in recent years, fuelled by the proliferation of smartphones and tablets. In 2023, it is estimated that mobile gaming will generate over $120 billion in revenue globally, surpassing both console and PC gaming combined. This growth has been driven by a confluence of factors, including the availability of affordable devices, the ease of access to app stores, and the development of increasingly sophisticated and immersive mobile games.

Mobile games have also become a cultural phenomenon, reaching a vast and diverse audience. They connect players from all walks of life, offering a shared experience that transcends geographical and demographic boundaries. The popularity of mobile gaming has spawned a thriving esports scene, with tournaments and competitions attracting millions of viewers worldwide.

The Benefits of Including Mobile Games at Summer Game Fest

Paananen asserts that the inclusion of mobile games at Summer Game Fest would provide numerous benefits for both the event and the industry as a whole.

  • Increased Audience Reach: Mobile games have a massive global audience, and their inclusion at Summer Game Fest would help to attract a wider demographic to the event. This would expand the reach of the event and introduce new audiences to the world of gaming.

  • Industry Recognition: By showcasing mobile games alongside console and PC games, Summer Game Fest would send a strong message that mobile gaming is a legitimate and respected part of the gaming industry. This recognition would help to elevate the profile of mobile games and encourage more developers to create innovative and high-quality mobile experiences.

  • Innovation Showcase: Mobile platforms offer unique opportunities for innovation and experimentation in game design. By showcasing mobile games at Summer Game Fest, organizers could highlight the latest advancements in mobile gaming technology and gameplay. This would inspire developers and encourage the creation of new and groundbreaking mobile games.

The Challenges of Including Mobile Games

While Paananen is enthusiastic about the potential benefits of including mobile games at Summer Game Fest, he also acknowledges the challenges involved.

  • Technical Limitations: Traditional gameplay showcases at events like Summer Game Fest are designed for console and PC games, which have the processing power and graphical capabilities to deliver high-fidelity visuals and immersive experiences. Mobile games, on the other hand, are constrained by the limitations of mobile devices, making it difficult to replicate the same level of spectacle.

  • Presentation Format: The typical presentation format of Summer Game Fest involves lengthy gameplay demonstrations and interviews with developers. This format can be less effective for showcasing mobile games, which are often designed for shorter play sessions. Organizers would need to find alternative ways to present mobile games and highlight their unique features.

  • Audience Expectations: Console and PC gamers may have different expectations for what they want to see at Summer Game Fest. Organizers would need to carefully consider how to balance the inclusion of mobile games without alienating the core audience of the event.

Proposed Solutions

To address these challenges, Paananen suggests several innovative solutions that could enhance the presentation of mobile games at Summer Game Fest:

  • Bite-Sized Gameplay Clips: Instead of lengthy gameplay demos, organizers could showcase mobile games through short, high-energy clips that capture the essence of each game. These clips could be presented in a dedicated mobile gaming zone or interspersed throughout the event's main stage presentations.

  • Live Demonstrations: Live demonstrations would allow attendees to experience mobile games firsthand and interact with developers. These demonstrations could be conducted in dedicated gaming areas or incorporated into panel discussions and workshops.

  • Mobile Gaming Showcase: Organizers could create a designated area at Summer Game Fest dedicated to showcasing the latest and greatest mobile games. This area could feature a variety of interactive displays, gameplay stations, and opportunities for attendees to meet with mobile game developers.


Ilkka Paananen's call for increased mobile game representation at Summer Game Fest highlights the growing importance and relevance of mobile gaming in the industry. While there are challenges to overcome in showcasing mobile games on the same scale as console and PC games, the potential benefits are significant. By embracing innovation and exploring alternative presentation formats, Summer Game Fest could become a truly inclusive event that celebrates the diversity of the gaming landscape and caters to the vast and passionate audience of mobile gamers worldwide.

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