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Step-by-Step Guide to Claiming Stride (STRD) Airdrops Using DappRadar


Stride is a liquid staking protocol that allows users to earn rewards for staking their staked (liquid) ETH tokens while retaining liquidity. As part of the protocol's launch, Stride will distribute STRD tokens to eligible users through airdrops. This guide provides a step-by-step process to claim your STRD airdrops using DappRadar.


Before you begin, ensure you meet the following requirements:

  • An Ethereum wallet (e.g., MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet)
  • ETH stored in your wallet
  • A DappRadar account

Step 1: Create a DappRadar Account

  • Visit and click "Sign Up."
  • Provide your email address and create a password.
  • Verify your email address by clicking the link sent to your inbox.

Step 2: Connect Your Ethereum Wallet

  • Click on the "Connect Wallet" button on the DappRadar homepage.
  • Select your preferred wallet provider (e.g., MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet).
  • Follow the prompts to connect your wallet.

Step 3: Find the Stride Airdrop

Step 4: Check Your Eligibility

  • On the Stride profile page, scroll down to the "How to Claim" section.
  • Click on the "Check Eligibility" button.
  • DappRadar will analyze your wallet address and display your eligibility status.

Step 5: Claim Your Airdrop

  • If you are eligible for an airdrop, click on the "Claim" button.
  • Confirm the transaction in your Ethereum wallet.
  • The STRD tokens will be automatically transferred to your wallet.

Additional Notes

  • Stride airdrops are distributed in epochs (approximately 1.5 weeks).
  • You may need to claim multiple airdrops over several epochs to receive your full allocation.
  • DappRadar provides a dashboard where you can track your claimed airdrops and view your total STRD balance.
  • Stride airdrops are only available for a limited time. Check the official Stride website for the latest airdrop deadlines.


  • If you encounter any issues during the claim process, consult the following resources:
  • If you are not eligible for an airdrop, ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria outlined by Stride:
    • Held staked ETH at any time between January 20, 2023, and September 14, 2023.
    • Staked ETH on certain platforms (e.g., Lido, Rocket Pool, Coinbase)


By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily claim your Stride (STRD) airdrops using DappRadar. Remember to check your eligibility regularly and claim your airdrops before the deadline.

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