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San Jose Mobile Home Park Located Adjacent to Potential Health Hazard


In the heart of San Jose, a mobile home park known as Willow Glen Mobile Home Park stands in close proximity to a site that has been identified as a potential health hazard. The site, located at 1720-1734 Willow Street, is the former location of a commercial printing facility that has been dormant for many years.

Contamination Concerns

Environmental investigations have revealed that the soil and groundwater at the former printing facility are contaminated with tetrachloroethylene (PCE), a chemical commonly used in dry cleaning and metal degreasing. PCE is a volatile organic compound (VOC) that has been linked to serious health problems, including cancer and developmental disorders.

The contamination is believed to have originated from the facility's former operations, which involved the storage and use of PCE. Over time, the chemical seeped into the soil and groundwater, posing a potential threat to residents of the nearby mobile home park.

Residents' Concerns

Residents of Willow Glen Mobile Home Park have expressed concerns about the potential health risks associated with the contamination. They fear that exposure to PCE could harm their health and the health of their children.

"We're worried about the potential effects on our health," said one resident. "We've lived here for years, and we don't want to have to leave our homes because of contamination."

Government Response

The City of San Jose and the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) are working together to address the contamination and protect the health of residents. The DTSC has classified the site as a "high priority" for cleanup, indicating the urgent need for action.

The cleanup process will involve excavating the contaminated soil and treating the groundwater. The DTSC estimates that the cleanup will take several years to complete.

Health Mitigation Measures

In the meantime, the DTSC has implemented health mitigation measures to protect residents from potential exposure to PCE. These measures include:

  • Providing bottled water to residents with contaminated tap water
  • Installing vapor barriers beneath mobile homes to prevent indoor air contamination
  • Offering free health screenings to residents

Community Outreach

The City of San Jose and the DTSC are actively engaging with the community to provide information about the contamination and the cleanup process. They are holding public meetings and distributing informational materials to keep residents informed about the situation.

Long-Term Outlook

The long-term outlook for residents of Willow Glen Mobile Home Park depends on the success of the cleanup process. If the contamination is effectively removed, residents may be able to safely remain in their homes.

However, if the contamination cannot be fully remediated, residents may need to be relocated to other areas. The City of San Jose and the DTSC are committed to providing assistance to residents who may be affected by the relocation process.


The contamination at the former printing facility adjacent to Willow Glen Mobile Home Park is a serious concern for residents and public health officials. The City of San Jose and the DTSC are working to address the contamination and protect the health of residents. Residents are encouraged to participate in community outreach activities and stay informed about the cleanup process.

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