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Range of Outcomes Tool Tutorial: Crafting Realistic Expectations for 2024

The Range of Outcomes (RoO) tool is an invaluable resource for fantasy football enthusiasts seeking to establish well-informed projections for upcoming seasons. It empowers users to:

  • Quantify uncertainty: RoO acknowledges that player performance is inherently unpredictable, capturing the potential range of outcomes for each player.
  • Set realistic expectations: By considering both optimistic and pessimistic scenarios, RoO helps avoid overly bullish or pessimistic assumptions.
  • Identify undervalued players: RoO can reveal players whose projected ranges include underappreciated upside potential.

How to Use the RoO Tool

  1. Select a player: Input the desired player's name or position.
  2. Choose a projection source: Opt for the preferred projection system, such as FantasyPros or RotoViz.
  3. Assess the range: Observe the displayed range of potential outcomes, extending from the low to high end of the spectrum.

Interpreting the RoO Tool

The RoO tool categorizes players into four tiers based on their range of outcomes:

  • Tier 1: Elite outliers: Players with an exceptionally high range and a substantial gap between their low and high endpoints.
  • Tier 2: Consistent producers: Players with a narrower range and a high midpoint, indicating a reliable level of output.
  • Tier 3: Undervalued sleepers: Players with a wide range and a low midpoint, suggesting potential for exceeding expectations.
  • Tier 4: High-risk options: Players with a wide range but a low midpoint, indicating a high level of uncertainty and potential for disappointment.

Examples of Player Classifications

  • Tier 1: Josh Allen, Justin Jefferson
  • Tier 2: Saquon Barkley, Deebo Samuel
  • Tier 3: Allen Lazard, Christian Watson
  • Tier 4: Elijah Mitchell, Kadarius Toney

Benefits of the RoO Tool

  • Improved player evaluation: RoO provides a more comprehensive assessment of player risk and reward compared to traditional projections.
  • Strategic draft decisions: Identifying undervalued sleepers and avoiding high-risk options leads to wiser draft selections.
  • Informed waiver wire adds: RoO can pinpoint players with favorable upside potential for waiver wire pickups.
  • Adjusted expectations: RoO assists in setting realistic expectations for player performance, minimizing disappointment and maximizing satisfaction.

Considerations for Using the RoO Tool

  • Projection accuracy: RoO is dependent on the accuracy of the underlying projection systems.
  • Contextual factors: Player injury history, team situation, and schedule can impact actual outcomes outside the projected range.
  • Optimization: RoO can be integrated into optimization tools to find optimal team lineups within various budget constraints.
  • Risk tolerance: The desired level of risk tolerance should influence the emphasis placed on the pessimistic or optimistic sides of the range.


The Range of Outcomes tool is a valuable asset for fantasy football players seeking to refine their player assessments and make more informed decisions. By embracing the uncertainty inherent in player performance, RoO empowers users to develop realistic expectations and identify opportunities for maximizing fantasy success.

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