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Out-of-State Corporations Acquire Florida Mobile Home Parks, Leading to Rent Hikes


The acquisition of Florida mobile home parks by out-of-state corporations has sparked growing concern among residents as it has resulted in significant increases in lot rent and other fees. This trend has raised questions about the affordability of mobile home living in the Sunshine State.

Rising Rental Costs:

Since the purchase of these parks by large corporations, many residents have witnessed substantial rent increases. In some cases, lot rent has more than doubled, placing a heavy financial burden on low-income families and seniors who rely on mobile homes for affordable housing.

Lack of Communication and Transparency:

Residents have expressed frustration over the lack of communication and transparency from the new owners. They complain that they are not receiving adequate notice of rent increases and that their concerns are often ignored. This has created a sense of uncertainty and distrust among park tenants.

Erosion of Community Spirit:

The influx of corporate owners has also led to a decline in community spirit within mobile home parks. Residents report that the new management companies prioritize profits over the well-being of tenants. This has resulted in a sense of isolation and a loss of the sense of community that once characterized these parks.

Legal Challenges:

Some residents have filed lawsuits against the new owners, alleging unfair rent increases and violations of their rights under Florida law. These cases are still pending, and their outcomes will have a significant impact on the future of mobile home living in Florida.

Impact on Low-Income Families and Seniors:

The rent hikes have had a particularly severe impact on low-income families and seniors. Many residents are facing the difficult choice of paying the increased rent or leaving their homes. For those who leave, finding affordable alternative housing in Florida's competitive rental market can be a challenge.

Lack of Rent Control:

Unlike many other states, Florida does not have rent control laws that limit the amount that landlords can charge for rent. This has allowed corporations to raise rents unchecked, leaving mobile home park residents with little recourse.

State Investigation:

In response to growing public outcry, the Florida Attorney General's Office has launched an investigation into the allegations of unfair rent increases. The investigation is ongoing, and it remains to be seen what actions the state will take to address this issue.

Calls for Legislative Action:

Advocates for mobile home park residents are calling on the Florida Legislature to take action to protect tenants from exorbitant rent increases. They are urging lawmakers to pass rent control legislation or impose other measures to limit the power of corporations over these communities.


The acquisition of Florida mobile home parks by out-of-state corporations has created a crisis for residents, leading to soaring lot rent and a decline in the quality of life. The lack of communication, transparency, and legal protections for tenants has exacerbated the problem. While legal challenges and state investigations are underway, it is crucial that the Florida Legislature takes action to ensure the affordability and well-being of mobile home park residents in the Sunshine State.

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