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Optimizing Performance: A Comprehensive Guide to Leveling, Trimming, and Gaining Speed on Your 2022-23 Ultra 310


Maximizing the performance of your 2022-23 Ultra 310 personal watercraft requires meticulous attention to setup and configuration. By understanding the principles of leveling, trimming, and adjusting the gain settings, you can unlock the full potential of your machine and achieve optimal speed and handling characteristics.

Leveling the Ultra 310

Leveling refers to ensuring that the watercraft is balanced evenly from side to side. This is critical for stability and handling, especially at high speeds. To level the Ultra 310:

  • Use a level tool: Place a level on the top of the hull and adjust the trim tab settings until the bubble is centered.
  • Visual inspection: Park the watercraft on a flat surface and visually observe if the hull is tilted to one side. Use the trim tab settings to correct any imbalance.
  • Ride test: Take the watercraft out for a test ride and observe its behavior. If the craft veers to one side, adjust the trim tabs accordingly.

Trimming the Ultra 310

Trimming adjusts the angle of attack of the hull relative to the water surface. Proper trimming optimizes speed, handling, and fuel efficiency. There are two types of trim adjustments:

  • Manual trim: Use the trim buttons on the handlebar to adjust the trim angle while operating the watercraft.
  • Automatic trim: The Ultra 310 features an advanced iControl system with an automatic trim adjustment function. This system automatically adjusts the trim based on speed and riding conditions.

To trim the Ultra 310:

  • High-speed operation: Trim the watercraft up (nose higher) to reduce drag and increase top speed.
  • Low-speed operation: Trim the watercraft down (nose lower) to improve acceleration and handling in turns.
  • Rough water conditions: Adjust the trim as needed to maintain stability and prevent porpoising.

Adjusting Gain Settings

The Ultra 310's iControl system includes gain settings that affect the responsiveness and acceleration of the watercraft. These settings can be adjusted through the digital display. There are three main gain settings:

  • Throttle gain: Controls the sensitivity of the throttle response. Higher gain settings result in quicker acceleration.
  • Trim gain: Controls the speed at which the automatic trim system makes adjustments. Higher gain settings make the trim adjustments more responsive.
  • Acceleration gain: Controls the rate at which the watercraft accelerates from a standstill. Higher gain settings provide a more aggressive acceleration profile.

It is recommended to start with the default gain settings and adjust them gradually while observing the watercraft's performance. Optimal gain settings will depend on personal preference and riding conditions.

Optimizing for Speed

To maximize speed on your Ultra 310:

  • Level the watercraft carefully: Ensure the hull is balanced and level before adjusting the trim or gain settings.
  • Trim up for high speeds: Adjust the trim to a positive angle to reduce drag and increase top-end speed.
  • Increase throttle gain: Experiment with higher throttle gain settings to improve acceleration and overall responsiveness.
  • Fine-tune acceleration gain: Adjust the acceleration gain setting to optimize the initial acceleration from a standstill.


By following these guidelines for leveling, trimming, and adjusting gain settings, you can fine-tune your 2022-23 Ultra 310 to achieve optimal performance. Remember, the best settings will vary depending on personal preferences and riding conditions. Take the time to experiment and customize your setup to unlock the full potential of your powerful watercraft.

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