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Mobile Traffic Court to Relocate for Enhanced Accessibility and Efficiency

The City of Mobile's Traffic Court, currently situated at 1250 St. Francis Street, will undergo a relocation to a more accessible and convenient location. The new address, yet to be disclosed, will provide ample parking and a dedicated courtroom space designed to optimize traffic violation adjudication.

Rationale for Relocation

The move stems from an ongoing commitment to improving the efficiency and accessibility of the Traffic Court. The current location has faced challenges with limited parking, resulting in inconvenience for individuals attending court proceedings. Furthermore, the absence of a dedicated courtroom often led to delays and logistical difficulties.

Benefits of the New Location

The new Traffic Court location will address these concerns by offering:

  • Ample Parking: Dedicated parking facilities will ensure convenient access for all court attendees, eliminating the frustrations and delays associated with parking scarcity.
  • Dedicated Courtroom: A designated courtroom space will streamline the adjudication process, reducing the potential for delays and disruptions. The courtroom will be equipped with modern amenities to facilitate seamless proceedings.
  • Improved Accessibility: The new location will be strategically situated to enhance accessibility for both residents and visitors. It will offer convenient transportation options, including public transit and close proximity to major roadways.

Timeline and Logistics

The relocation process is currently underway, with the target date for completion set for the end of 2023. During this transition period, traffic violations will continue to be adjudicated at the current location on St. Francis Street. Upon completion of the relocation, all traffic-related judicial proceedings will be conducted at the new address.

Notification and Communication

The City of Mobile will keep the public informed throughout the relocation process. Notices will be posted on the official website, social media channels, and local media outlets. Individuals with outstanding traffic violations will receive ample notification of the new court location and the dates of their scheduled hearings.

Commitment to Seamless Transition

The City of Mobile is committed to ensuring a smooth and seamless transition to the new Traffic Court location. Court staff will be available to assist attendees with any questions or concerns. The relocation will enhance the overall efficiency and accessibility of the Traffic Court, providing a more user-friendly experience for all involved.

Additional Information for Traffic Violation Cases

Individuals with outstanding traffic violations are urged to contact the Traffic Court at (251) 208-7600 to inquire about payment options, court dates, and any necessary documentation. The Traffic Court website also provides a wealth of information, including online payment options and frequently asked questions.

By relocating the Traffic Court to a more accessible and efficient location, the City of Mobile aims to improve the overall experience for individuals navigating traffic violations and enhance the city's transportation system.

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