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Meghan Markle's Lifestyle Brand Accused of Plagiarism in Adult Coloring Book Line

The American Riviera Orchard, a recently launched lifestyle brand by Meghan Markle, has come under fire for alleged plagiarism in its line of adult coloring books. Several individuals have pointed out striking similarities between these books and existing works by other artists.

Allegations of Copying

The accusations stem from the discovery of similarities between the American Riviera Orchard coloring books and the work of freelance artist Serina Lorusso. Specifically, several illustrations in the American Riviera Orchard books, including those depicting palm trees, birds, and floral patterns, appear to be strikingly similar to Lorusso's original artwork.

Calls for Accountability

In response to the allegations, Lorusso has expressed disappointment and frustration. She claims that she was not contacted or credited for the use of her artwork in the American Riviera Orchard books. Lorusso emphasizes the importance of respecting artists' intellectual property rights and calls for accountability from those who allegedly infringed on her work.

Legal Implications

The allegations against the American Riviera Orchard have raised questions about potential legal implications. Copyright law protects the original creative expression of artists, and unauthorized copying or reproduction can infringe on those rights. Depending on the extent and nature of the similarities between the American Riviera Orchard coloring books and Lorusso's artwork, legal action may be considered.

Impact on American Riviera Orchard

The plagiarism accusations have cast a shadow over the reputation of the American Riviera Orchard brand. Consumers may lose trust in the company if they perceive it as lacking originality or respect for artists' rights. The incident could damage the brand's credibility and harm its future endeavors.

Future Steps

The American Riviera Orchard has yet to publicly address the allegations of plagiarism. However, it is likely that the brand will take steps to investigate the claims and respond appropriately. The company may need to provide clarifications, issue apologies, or take action to rectify any wrongdoing.

Ethical Considerations

The allegations against the American Riviera Orchard highlight the importance of ethical considerations in business. Companies have a responsibility to respect intellectual property rights and give credit to the artists whose work they use. Plagiarism undermines the integrity of creative industries and devalues the contributions of artists.

Originality and Integrity

For businesses that promote creativity and inspiration, originality and integrity are paramount. Plagiarism tarnishes a brand's reputation and erodes the trust of consumers. It is essential for companies to prioritize ethical sourcing, proper attribution, and respect for artists' rights to ensure the sustainability and authenticity of their brands.

Public Scrutiny and Transparency

In the digital age, brands are subject to increased public scrutiny and accountability. Consumers are quick to identify and denounce instances of plagiarism or unethical business practices. Transparency and honesty are crucial for businesses to build trust and maintain a positive reputation.


The allegations of plagiarism against the American Riviera Orchard are a reminder of the importance of respecting artists' rights and ethical business practices. If the claims are substantiated, the incident could have serious repercussions for the brand's reputation and future endeavors. It serves as a lesson for all businesses to prioritize originality, integrity, and transparency in their operations.

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Why is Meghan Markle accused of Plagiarism? Quora

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