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Destiny 2: The Final Shape's Campaign - An Expert Guide to Conquering Raids

The impending release of Destiny 2's highly anticipated The Final Shape expansion has sent ripples of excitement through the gaming community. With it comes a brand-new campaign that not only promises an epic narrative but also serves as an ideal training ground for aspiring raiders. This comprehensive guide will delve into the intricacies of the campaign, highlighting its invaluable role in preparing Guardians for the treacherous challenges that await them in the game's most demanding end-game content.

A Foundation for Success

The Final Shape's campaign acts as a meticulous tutorial, systematically introducing Guardians to the fundamental mechanics and strategies essential for successful raiding. Through a series of progressively challenging encounters, players will hone their combat prowess, develop their situational awareness, and master effective teamwork.

Phase One: Embracing Adaptability

The campaign's early stages focus on adaptability. Guardians will encounter a diverse array of enemy types, each possessing unique abilities and weaknesses. The game requires players to adjust their strategies dynamically, utilizing a wide range of weapons and abilities to overcome each obstacle. This adaptability forms the cornerstone for the dynamic and demanding nature of raiding.

Phase Two: Mastering Positioning

As the campaign progresses, players will contend with encounters that impose intricate spatial challenges. They will learn to position themselves strategically, leveraging cover, exploiting enemy vulnerabilities, and coordinating their movements to maximize efficiency. This precise positioning is crucial in raids, where every inch of space can determine the outcome of a battle.

Phase Three: Teamwork Triumphs

The campaign fosters a spirit of cooperation among fireteams. Players will encounter sequences that require seamless coordination, including synchronized attacks, role assignments, and resource management. These experiences instill the importance of effective communication, trust, and selflessness—all indispensable qualities for successful raiding.

Phase Four: Confronting the Abyss

The campaign culminates in a series of boss encounters that demand the utmost resilience and strategic thinking. Guardians will face formidable opponents with complex mechanics and relentless attacks. They will learn the art of pattern recognition, damage mitigation, and adaptive planning—essential skills for conquering the most challenging raids.

The Crucible of Preparation

The Final Shape's campaign is not merely a narrative experience; it is an essential preparatory phase for Guardians seeking to delve into the depths of raiding. By honing their skills, developing their strategies, and fostering teamwork, players will emerge from the campaign as formidable warriors, ready to take on the most demanding challenges that Destiny 2 has to offer.


Destiny 2: The Final Shape's campaign is more than just a story. It is a comprehensive tutorial, strategically designed to equip Guardians with the knowledge, abilities, and confidence they need to triumph over the game's most formidable challenges. By embracing the lessons learned in the campaign, players will transform themselves from novice adventurers into seasoned raiders, ready to confront the unknown and conquer the darkness that awaits.

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