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In-Depth Houdini Karma Fur Look Development Tutorial


In this comprehensive tutorial, we delve into the intricacies of look development for fur using Houdini's Karma Fur workflow. This advanced shading system empowers artists to create realistic and detailed fur with unparalleled control and efficiency.

Creating the Fur Model

  1. Modeling: Begin by modeling a base mesh for the character or object you wish to fur. The model should capture the overall form and pose.
  2. Fur Card Generation: Generate fur cards from the base mesh using the "Copy to Points" technique. This creates a series of cards that define the growth direction and density of the fur.
  3. Grooming: Refine the fur's appearance by manually grooming it using the "Fur Groom" toolset. Adjust the length, direction, and clumping to achieve the desired look.

Material Setup

  1. Creating the Fur Material: In Karma, create a new material for the fur. Assign the "Karma Fur" shader to control its appearance.
  2. Base Color and Shading: Define the base color of the fur using the "Base Color" parameter. Adjust the roughness and anisotropy to control its surface properties.
  3. Tipping: Add detail to the fur by creating a second color layer called "Tip Color." Apply this color to the tips of the fur to simulate natural highlights.

Advanced Shading Techniques

  1. Clumping: Control the clumping behavior of the fur using the "Clumping" parameter. Higher values create more pronounced clumps, while lower values result in a more uniform appearance.
  2. Lighting Effects: Illuminate the fur realistically by considering factors such as subsurface scattering, ambient occlusion, and global illumination. These effects add depth and realism to the fur's appearance.
  3. Wind: Simulate wind effects on the fur using the "Wind" parameter. Adjust the strength, direction, and turbulence to achieve the desired movement and animation.

Texturing and Maps

  1. Color Map: Apply a texture map to the fur material to define its color variations. This map can be used to create patterns, stripes, or other color variations.
  2. Bump Map: Add depth and detail to the fur by applying a bump map. This map displaces the fur's surface, creating the illusion of texture.
  3. Specular Map: Control the specular highlights on the fur by using a specular map. This map defines the intensity and distribution of the specular reflections.

Optimization and Rendering

  1. Level of Detail: Adjust the level of detail (LOD) of the fur to optimize performance. Higher LODs provide more detail but require more processing power.
  2. Rendering Settings: Configure the rendering settings to achieve the desired image quality. Adjust the resolution, samples, and anti-aliasing settings to balance render time and image quality.
  3. Finalizing the Look: Refine the fur's appearance by iterating between look development and rendering until the desired visual result is achieved.


By following the steps outlined in this tutorial, you can master the art of fur look development in Houdini Karma. This workflow empowers you to create highly realistic and customizable fur, bringing life to your characters and scenes. Experiment with the advanced shading techniques and optimization tips to achieve unparalleled visual fidelity and performance.

and set up the following. In particular use Set Environment Rays to Black
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