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Google's June Feature Drop for the Pixel Lineup Arrives on T-Mobile


Google's Pixel smartphones are known for their exceptional cameras, seamless software experience, and timely updates. The June Feature Drop brings a suite of new features and enhancements to the Pixel lineup, and it is now available on T-Mobile's network. This update introduces several notable additions that elevate the user experience, including improvements in camera capabilities, messaging functionality, and privacy controls.

Camera Enhancements

The June Feature Drop introduces significant upgrades to the Pixel's already impressive camera system. The new "Portrait Blur" feature in the Camera app allows users to adjust the depth of field in portraits after the image has been captured, providing greater control over the final result. This feature is particularly useful for capturing portraits with a pleasing and professional-looking background blur.

Furthermore, the "Real Tone" feature has been expanded to include more skin tones and lighting conditions, ensuring that all subjects are represented accurately and authentically in photos. This reflects Google's commitment to promoting inclusivity and respecting the diversity of its user base.

Messaging Enhancements

The June Feature Drop also brings improvements to the messaging experience on Pixel smartphones. The "Message Scheduler" feature allows users to schedule text messages to be sent at a later time, providing greater flexibility and convenience. This feature is ideal for sending reminders, coordinating appointments, or sending messages to people in different time zones.

Additionally, the "Emoji Kitchen" feature has been updated with new emoji combinations and the ability to create custom sticker packs. This allows users to express themselves more creatively and personalize their messaging experience.

Privacy and Security

Privacy and security remain paramount for Google, and the June Feature Drop introduces several enhancements in these areas. The "VPN by Google One" service is now included with a Google One subscription, providing users with a secure and private connection to the internet. This VPN encrypts internet traffic, protecting user data from eavesdroppers and malicious actors on public Wi-Fi networks.

The "Security Hub" has also been redesigned to provide a comprehensive overview of a user's device security status. This hub offers personalized recommendations and alerts, helping users stay informed and proactively manage their device security.

Other Improvements

Beyond the aforementioned features, the June Feature Drop also includes various other improvements and fixes:

  • Auto-Rotate Adjustments: Users can now customize the auto-rotate settings, allowing them to prevent the screen from rotating in certain apps or orientations. This provides greater control over the display experience and reduces unintentional screen rotations.

  • Bedtime Mode Enhancements: Bedtime Mode now includes a new "Snooze" button and the ability to set custom alarm sounds. These additions make it easier for users to manage their sleep schedules and wake up refreshed.

  • Battery Share Enhancements: Battery Share can now be used wirelessly with compatible devices, providing a convenient way to charge other devices without the need for cables.


The June Feature Drop brings a wealth of new features and enhancements to the Pixel lineup, elevating the user experience in various aspects. From enhanced camera capabilities and messaging functionality to improved privacy controls and other conveniences, this update demonstrates Google's ongoing commitment to providing a premium and customizable experience for its Pixel users. T-Mobile customers can now enjoy these new features and enhancements, enriching their mobile experience with the latest advancements from Google.

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