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Expanding Text Reveal Animation in After Effects


In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the intricate process of creating an expanding text reveal animation using the powerful software, Adobe After Effects. This eye-catching animation technique is commonly employed to accentuate key phrases or titles, captivating the viewer's attention and enhancing the overall visual appeal of videos, presentations, and other multimedia content.

Step 1: Preparing the Text

Begin by creating a new After Effects composition and importing or typing your desired text. Ensure the text is centered within the composition space for optimal visual impact.

Step 2: Creating the Expanding Shape

Utilize the Rectangle tool to draw a rectangle around your text. This rectangle will serve as the expanding shape that will reveal your text. Align the rectangle with the edges of the composition or adjust its size as needed.

Step 3: Animating the Shape

Select the rectangle and navigate to the "Transform" panel. Set the "Scale" keyframes to animate the expansion of the rectangle from a small size to its final size, encompassing the entire text area. For a smooth animation, ensure that the keyframes are evenly distributed along the timeline.

Step 4: Masking the Text

Apply a track matte to the text layer by clicking on the "Layer" menu and selecting "Track Matte." Choose the rectangle shape as the track matte target. This action masks the text, effectively revealing it as the rectangle expands.

Step 5: Refining the Animation

To enhance the animation's refinement, customize the "Ease" settings of the "Scale" keyframes. Experiment with different types of easing to achieve the desired smoothness and flow of the expansion.

Step 6: Adding a Fill Effect

Optionally, you can add a fill effect to the rectangle shape to give it a solid color or gradient. Select the rectangle layer, click on the "Effects & Presets" panel, and search for "Fill." Apply the desired fill effect and adjust its properties.

Step 7: Enhancing with Effects (Optional)

Consider adding additional effects to enhance the animation's visual appeal. Explore options such as "Glow," "Drop Shadow," or "Stroke" to accentuate the expanding shape and make it stand out.

Step 8: Exporting the Animation

Once the animation is complete, export it as a video file in your preferred format. Choose an appropriate resolution and compression settings based on the intended use of the animation.


Mastering the expanding text reveal animation in After Effects empowers you to create dynamic and visually engaging content. By following these detailed instructions, you can effectively implement this technique to enhance your videos, presentations, and other multimedia projects, captivating the attention of your audience with a stunning text reveal effect.

Additional Tips:

  • Experiment with different text styles and fonts to achieve varying visual aesthetics.
  • Use keyframe interpolation to create a more natural and fluid animation.
  • Preview the animation frequently to fine-tune the timing and adjustments.
  • Save your project as an After Effects template for future use or easy modification.
  • Explore online resources and tutorials for additional insights and inspiration.

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