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Energy Industry Personnel Shifts in June 2024

Executive Appointments

  • Equinor: Anders Opedal steps down as CEO, succeeded by Grete Tveit.
  • BP: Bernard Looney appoints Michael Daly as Deputy Chief Executive Officer.
  • ExxonMobil: Darren Woods resigns as CEO, replaced by Lisa Watson.

Board Appointments

  • Chevron: Karen Mathiesen joins the board as a new independent director.
  • NextEra Energy: Ursula Burns resigns from the board.
  • Duke Energy: The board welcomes new independent director, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.


  • AES Corporation: Lisa Malone resigns as Senior Vice President of Regulatory Affairs.
  • National Grid: John Pettigrew exits as CEO, succeeded by Nicola Shaw.
  • ConocoPhillips: William Bullock leaves his position as Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategy.


  • Shell: Ben van Beurden appoints Wael Sawan as Integrated Gas and New Energies Director.
  • TotalEnergies: Jean-Bernard Lévy promotes Patrick Pouyanné to Vice President of Operations.
  • Engie: Catherine MacGregor names Claire Waysand as Executive Vice President of Strategy.

Industry Analysis

The energy industry continues to experience significant personnel changes, reflecting the evolving landscape and strategic priorities of companies. These shifts indicate a focus on renewable energy, sustainability, and digital transformation.

CEO Transitions

The departure of Anders Opedal from Equinor marks a notable shift in the leadership of one of the world's largest oil and gas companies. His successor, Grete Tveit, brings experience in renewable energy and sustainability, signaling the company's commitment to the energy transition.

At ExxonMobil, the appointment of Lisa Watson as CEO is historic, making her the first woman to lead the energy giant. Watson's background in the chemical industry is expected to drive innovation and technological advancements within the company.

Board Diversity

Several companies are enhancing board diversity by appointing new independent directors. Karen Mathiesen's addition to the Chevron board brings expertise in energy policy and climate change, while Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s appointment at Duke Energy reflects the growing emphasis on environmental stewardship within the industry.

ESG Focus

The departures of Lisa Malone from AES Corporation and John Pettigrew from National Grid highlight the increasing importance of sustainability in energy leadership. Malone's resignation underscores the growing demand for expertise in regulatory affairs related to environmental and climate change policies.

Renewable Energy Leadership

The promotion of Wael Sawan to Integrated Gas and New Energies Director at Shell demonstrates the company's commitment to diversifying its energy portfolio. Sawan's expertise in liquefied natural gas (LNG) and renewable energy will be crucial as Shell navigates the global shift towards cleaner energy sources.

Digital Transformation

The appointment of Claire Waysand as Executive Vice President of Strategy at Engie reflects the industry's focus on digital transformation. Waysand's experience in artificial intelligence and digital technologies will be instrumental in driving innovation and operational efficiency within the company.


The personnel changes in the energy industry in June 2024 reflect the dynamic and evolving nature of the sector. Companies are adapting to the global energy transition, investing in renewable energy, sustainability, and digital technologies. The appointments and departures announced this month underscore these strategic priorities and indicate the continued transformation of the industry.

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