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Consumers Energy Summer Rate Increases: A Comprehensive Guide


As the summer season approaches, consumers across Michigan will face an increase in their energy bills due to Consumers Energy's annual summer rate adjustment. Beginning Monday, May 15, 2023, residential customers will experience a notable increase in their electricity and natural gas costs. This article provides a comprehensive overview of these rate changes, their potential impact on households, and strategies for mitigating the financial burden.

Electricity Rate Increases

The summer electricity rates from Consumers Energy will reflect an approximate 8% increase compared to the winter rates. This adjustment is primarily attributed to the seasonal increase in demand for electricity during hot summer months. The following table outlines the new electricity rates, effective May 15th:

Customer Type Usage Level Summer Rate (per kWh)
Residential First 500 kWh 14.5 cents
Residential Over 500 kWh 17.4 cents
Commercial All Usage 16.2 cents
Industrial All Usage 15.6 cents

Natural Gas Rate Increases

Consumers Energy's natural gas rates will also experience a summer increase, although the percentage increase will vary depending on the customer's usage level. Residential customers using less than 100 Mcf (thousand cubic feet) of natural gas per month will face an approximately 12% increase. For those using more than 100 Mcf per month, the increase will be around 10%. The following table summarizes the new natural gas rates:

Customer Type Usage Level Summer Rate (per Mcf)
Residential Under 100 Mcf $1.07
Residential Over 100 Mcf $1.01
Commercial All Usage $0.98
Industrial All Usage $0.95

Reasons for the Increases

Consumers Energy cites several factors contributing to the summer rate increases, including:

  • Increased fuel costs: The primary reason for the rate adjustments is the rising cost of natural gas, which is used to generate most of Consumers Energy's electricity.
  • Seasonal demand: The summer months witness a surge in electricity and natural gas usage due to air conditioning, cooling systems, and outdoor activities.
  • Infrastructure investments: Consumers Energy is investing in its infrastructure to improve reliability and efficiency, which also contributes to rate increases.

Impact on Consumers

The summer rate increases will undoubtedly have a noticeable impact on household budgets. The average residential customer who uses 600 kWh of electricity per month can expect an increase of approximately $10 on their monthly electricity bill. Similarly, residential customers using 100 Mcf of natural gas per month can anticipate an increase of around $12 on their monthly gas bill.

Mitigation Strategies

While the summer rate increases are unavoidable, there are several strategies that consumers can employ to mitigate their financial impact:

  • Reduce energy consumption: Implement energy-efficiency measures such as unplugging appliances when not in use, using energy-efficient appliances, and adjusting thermostat settings.
  • Shop around for the best rates: Explore alternative energy providers or consider a fixed-rate plan to lock in a stable energy price.
  • Enroll in payment assistance programs: Consumers Energy offers several payment assistance programs for low-income and elderly customers.
  • Take advantage of energy efficiency programs: Participate in energy efficiency programs offered by Consumers Energy or local utilities to receive rebates and incentives for implementing energy-saving measures.
  • Consider using renewable energy sources: Explore the option of installing solar panels or other renewable energy systems to reduce reliance on traditional energy sources.


Consumers Energy's summer rate increases are an unwelcome expense for many households. By understanding the reasons behind these adjustments and implementing mitigation strategies, consumers can minimize the financial burden and manage their energy costs effectively. Remember, energy conservation and exploring alternative options are key to reducing the impact of these rate increases and maintaining a comfortable living environment throughout the summer months.

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