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Billings Mobile Vet Vehicle and Beloved Canine Companions Vanish, Sparking Community-Wide Concern

In a distressing turn of events, the Billings Mobile Vet vehicle, a vital lifeline for pet owners in the region, has been stolen, along with two cherished dogs. The incident has sent shockwaves through the community, prompting an urgent appeal for help in locating the missing vehicle and animals.

Vehicle Description and Timeline of Events

The stolen vehicle is a 2011 Ford E-350 van, painted white with distinct "Billings Mobile Vet" graphics emblazoned on its exterior. It was last seen on Wednesday, September 21st, 2022, parked outside the Billings Animal Shelter.

Surveillance footage captured the vehicle being driven away by an unidentified individual around 12:30 AM on Thursday, September 22nd. The suspect is described as a white male, approximately 5'10" tall, with a slender build.

Stolen Dogs

The two beloved dogs taken from the vehicle are:

  • Molly: A 10-year-old female Australian Shepherd mix, described as brown and white with blue eyes.
  • Frankie: A 10-year-old male Pekingese mix, characterized by his long, white fur.

Both dogs are microchipped and considered highly vulnerable. Their absence has left their families and the community deeply concerned for their well-being.

Community Involvement

The Billings Police Department and local animal control authorities are actively investigating the theft. However, the community has also rallied together to assist in the search for the missing vehicle and dogs.

Social media campaigns have been launched, sharing the vehicle's description and photographs of Molly and Frankie. Neighborhood watch groups have been mobilized, keeping a vigilant eye out for any sign of the stolen property or animals.

Call to Action

The Billings community is implored to remain vigilant and report any information related to the theft to the police or animal control. Even the smallest piece of information could prove crucial in locating the missing vehicle and returning Molly and Frankie safely to their home.

The Importance of Community Support

The theft of the Billings Mobile Vet vehicle and the disappearance of Molly and Frankie have had a profound impact on the community. The mobile vet service was an invaluable resource, providing affordable and convenient care to pet owners.

The dogs, Molly and Frankie, are cherished members of their families and the community. Their absence has created a void that cannot be easily filled. Their safe return would bring immeasurable joy and relief to all who love them.

By working together, the community can make a difference in recovering the stolen property, ensuring the well-being of Molly and Frankie, and restoring a sense of peace to the neighborhood.

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