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Adam Lambert's Mesmerizing Makeup Masterclass: Unleashing the Artistry of WeHo Pride 2024


Adam Lambert, renowned singer and style icon, graced the red carpet of WeHo Pride 2024, captivating the audience with his stunning makeup transformation. In an exclusive video tutorial, Lambert unveiled the secrets behind his enchanting look, inviting fans into a world of artistry and self-expression.

The Power of Preparation

Before embarking on the makeup journey, Lambert emphasizes the significance of a well-prepared canvas. Using a gentle cleanser and moisturizer, he ensures a smooth and hydrated base for the makeup to seamlessly blend and enhance the natural features.

Base Creation: Setting the Stage

Lambert begins by applying a foundation that perfectly matches his skin tone. This crucial step creates an even base, neutralizing any imperfections and creating a flawless backdrop for the artistry to come.

Color and Contour: Sculpting and Defining

With a sculpting brush, Lambert expertly applies a warm-toned bronzer to accentuate his chiseled cheekbones. He follows by highlighting the high points of his face, such as the bridge of his nose, brow bone, and forehead, using a champagne-hued highlighter. This technique adds depth and dimension to his features, creating a sculpted and defined appearance.

Eyes: A Symphony of Shadows and Shimmer

Lambert's signature bold eye makeup takes center stage as he meticulously applies a deep brown shade to the crease of his eyelid, blending it seamlessly to create a soft gradient effect. To intensify the drama, he adds a touch of black eyeshadow to the outer corner of his eyes, creating a sultry and sophisticated look.

The magic intensifies as Lambert reaches for a shimmering champagne shade, which he applies to the center of his eyelid, blending it outwards to create a mesmerizing halo effect. This light-catching shade illuminates the eyes, drawing attention to their captivating depth.

Brows: Enhancing the Windows to the Soul

Recognizing the importance of well-defined brows, Lambert expertly fills in his arches using a brow pencil. By carefully following the natural shape of his brows, he adds definition and depth to his gaze, framing his eyes with a precision that complements the overall makeup look.

Finishing Touches: Amplifying the Glamour

To complete his transformative look, Lambert applies a volumizing mascara to his lashes, creating a dramatic and fluttery effect. A touch of peachy blush adds a touch of warmth and vibrancy to his cheeks, completing the harmonious symphony of colors.

Lips: A Bold Statement

Lambert's lips become the focal point as he chooses a deep, rosy shade of lipstick. Using a lip brush, he meticulously applies the color, defining the contours of his lips with precision. This bold statement adds a touch of allure and glamour, completing the mesmerizing transformation.


In this captivating makeup tutorial, Adam Lambert not only unveils the techniques behind his red-carpet-ready look but also inspires viewers to embrace the power of self-expression through makeup. His artistry on the WeHo Pride 2024 red carpet serves as a testament to the transformative nature of makeup, empowering individuals to enhance their natural beauty and showcase their unique styles.

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