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Zoo Coloring Book Passed Out to MPS Students in Montgomery

The Montgomery Public Schools (MPS) in Montgomery, Alabama recently distributed a zoo-themed coloring book to its students as a part of an effort to engage and educate children during the COVID-19 pandemic. The coloring book, featuring various animals and scenes from the zoo, aims to keep children entertained while teaching them about wildlife and conservation. This initiative by MPS comes at a time when students are learning from home and are in need of creative and educational activities to keep them engaged.

The Purpose of the Coloring Book Distribution

The distribution of the zoo-themed coloring book by MPS serves multiple purposes. Firstly, it aims to provide students with a fun and educational activity to keep them engaged while they are away from the traditional classroom setting. With the ongoing pandemic causing disruptions in the regular school schedule, it is important for educators and administrators to find creative ways to keep students connected to learning.

Secondly, the coloring book serves as a tool to introduce students to the concept of wildlife conservation and the importance of protecting endangered species. By featuring various animals and their natural habitats, the coloring book allows students to learn about different species and their environments while also fostering a sense of appreciation for wildlife.

Educational Value of the Coloring Book

The zoo-themed coloring book distributed by MPS is not just a source of entertainment for students, but it also offers educational value. Through coloring and engaging with the pages, students can learn about different animals, their features, and the environments in which they live. This hands-on approach to learning can be particularly effective in capturing the attention of young learners and instilling a sense of curiosity about the natural world.

Additionally, the coloring book may incorporate fun facts and information about the animals depicted, providing an opportunity for students to expand their knowledge in a way that is enjoyable and interactive. By integrating education with entertainment, the coloring book becomes a valuable tool in promoting learning outside of the traditional classroom setting.

Impact on Students and Families

The distribution of the zoo-themed coloring book has had a positive impact on students and their families. For students, the coloring book provides a creative outlet and a break from the screen-based learning that has become the norm during the pandemic. The tactile experience of coloring and engaging with physical pages can be a refreshing change from the digital world, and it offers a chance for students to express their creativity in a different way.

Families have also responded positively to the distribution of the coloring book, recognizing the efforts of MPS to provide meaningful and educational resources for their children. Many parents appreciate the fact that their children are being given an opportunity to learn about wildlife and conservation in a way that is both fun and accessible. The coloring book has also served as a bonding activity for some families, as parents and children come together to engage in the coloring and learning process.

Community Support and Partnerships

The distribution of the zoo-themed coloring book to MPS students reflects a collaborative effort between the school district and the broader community. The creation and distribution of the coloring book were made possible through partnerships with local organizations, including the Montgomery Zoo. This collaboration demonstrates the importance of community support in providing enriching educational experiences for students, especially during challenging times.

By working with local partners, MPS was able to ensure that the coloring book aligns with educational standards and effectively conveys important messages about wildlife conservation. The involvement of the community in the development of educational materials not only strengthens the ties between schools and local organizations but also reinforces the idea that education extends beyond the classroom and into the surrounding community.

Long-Term Educational Benefits

The impact of the zoo-themed coloring book distribution extends beyond the immediate engagement of students. By introducing children to the world of wildlife and conservation at a young age, MPS is laying the foundation for a lifelong appreciation of nature and the environment. The coloring book serves as an entry point for discussions about the importance of protecting endangered species and their habitats, instilling values of environmental stewardship in the next generation.

Furthermore, the interactive and hands-on nature of the coloring book facilitates cognitive development and fine motor skills in young children. The act of coloring and focusing on details within the pages can improve attention span and concentration, contributing to overall cognitive growth in students.

The long-term educational benefits of the coloring book distribution also extend to the broader community. As students engage with the material and share their experiences with family and friends, the conversation about wildlife conservation and environmental awareness is likely to spread beyond the confines of the classroom, creating a ripple effect of learning and advocacy for the preservation of nature.

Supporting Remote Learning

Amid the challenges posed by remote learning, the zoo-themed coloring book serves as an example of how educational institutions can support students outside of the traditional classroom setting. The pandemic has forced educators to adapt to new ways of teaching, and providing students with supplementary materials, such as the coloring book, becomes essential in maintaining a well-rounded educational experience.

The coloring book offers a break from screen time, which has become a prevalent aspect of remote learning. It provides an alternative activity that encourages creativity and allows students to engage with educational content in a tactile and visually stimulating manner. By supporting remote learning through the distribution of the coloring book, MPS acknowledges the need for diverse and engaging educational resources that cater to the unique circumstances of students learning from home.


The distribution of the zoo-themed coloring book to MPS students in Montgomery exemplifies the creative and resourceful ways in which educational institutions continue to engage and support students during challenging times. By combining entertainment with education, the coloring book not only serves as a fun activity but also imparts valuable knowledge about wildlife and conservation to young learners.

The impact of this initiative extends to students, families, and the broader community, fostering a sense of connection and shared learning experiences. With its potential for long-term educational benefits and its role in supporting remote learning, the zoo-themed coloring book demonstrates the significance of providing diverse and engaging educational resources to students, especially during periods of disruption.

As schools and communities continue to navigate the realities of the COVID-19 pandemic, initiatives such as the distribution of the coloring book serve as a testament to the resilience and adaptability of educators in ensuring that students receive enriching and impactful educational experiences, no matter the circumstances.

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