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School Children Receive Recognition and Monetary Awards through Coloring Contest


A collaborative initiative between WPXI's 11 Cares and local educational institutions has culminated in a heartwarming event where deserving students have been bestowed with checks for their exceptional artistic creations. Through a coloring contest that fostered creativity and imagination, these young minds have not only showcased their artistic talents but have also earned monetary recognition for their efforts.

The Inspiration Behind the Contest

Driven by a desire to uplift and empower the community, WPXI's 11 Cares partnered with various schools to launch this coloring contest. The contest aimed to nurture the artistic instincts of students while simultaneously connecting them with vital resources and support services available within their community.

The Selection Process

From the plethora of submissions received, a distinguished panel of judges meticulously evaluated each entry based on a set of predefined criteria that emphasized artistic merit and creativity. The judges' discerning eyes ultimately identified the most exceptional artworks, which were deemed worthy of recognition and reward.

The Award Ceremony

In a jubilant ceremony permeated with pride and excitement, the winning students were presented with checks in recognition of their artistic achievements. The atmosphere crackled with anticipation as each student's name was called, and they stepped forward to receive their well-deserved accolades. The applause of the audience reverberated through the venue, echoing the community's admiration for these young talents.

Beyond Monetary Rewards

While the monetary awards provided a tangible manifestation of the students' accomplishments, the true value of this contest extended beyond financial compensation. The event served as a platform to celebrate the boundless potential of young minds, fostering a sense of accomplishment and instilling within them a belief in their own abilities.

A Glimpse into the Winning Submissions

Among the captivating artworks that graced the contest, one particularly striking piece captured the attention of the judges. The young artist, with deft strokes and vibrant hues, depicted a whimsical scene of animals frolicking in a verdant meadow. The intricate details and harmonious composition of the artwork showcased the student's remarkable artistic prowess.

Another winning entry stood out for its originality and imaginative flair. The budding artist had transformed a blank canvas into a kaleidoscope of colors and patterns, creating an abstract masterpiece that defied conventional expectations. The artwork's vibrant energy and playful spirit reflected the student's unbridled creativity.

The Impact on Students

For the students who participated in the coloring contest, the experience has left an indelible mark on their hearts and minds. The recognition they received not only validated their artistic abilities but also planted seeds of confidence and self-belief. The monetary awards provided a boost to their families, alleviating financial burdens and empowering them to pursue their educational aspirations.

Community Support

The success of this coloring contest is a testament to the unwavering support of the community. Local businesses and organizations rallied behind the initiative, providing generous donations and resources to ensure its smooth execution. Their commitment to nurturing the potential of young minds exemplifies the spirit of collaboration and community engagement.


WPXI's 11 Cares and its esteemed partners have once again demonstrated their dedication to uplifting the community, particularly its youth. Through the coloring contest, they have created a platform for students to showcase their talents, foster their creativity, and reap the rewards of their hard work. The event has left a lasting legacy of inspiration, empowerment, and community pride.

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