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Pennington County Sheriff’s Office Takes Action against Mobile Home Owners with Delinquent Taxes

In an effort to address unpaid property taxes, the Pennington County Sheriff's Office (PCSO) has launched a concentrated effort targeting mobile home owners who have fallen behind on their tax obligations. The initiative, which commenced on May 30, 2024, aims to recover delinquent taxes and ensure compliance with property tax laws.

Scope of the Initiative

The PCSO's crackdown extends to all mobile home owners within Pennington County who have outstanding property taxes. The Sheriff's Office has identified numerous mobile homes that have not been assessed for taxes or have unpaid tax bills. These properties are often located in mobile home parks or on private land.

Legal Basis for Enforcement

The PCSO's enforcement actions are authorized by South Dakota state law, which empowers the Sheriff to collect unpaid property taxes. The law provides for various methods of enforcement, including the seizure and sale of property.

Enforcement Process

The PCSO has adopted a systematic approach to enforcing tax collection. The process begins with the issuance of a notice to the delinquent taxpayer, informing them of their overdue balance and the potential consequences of non-payment. If the taxes remain unpaid, the PCSO may proceed with the following actions:

  • Seizure of Property: The Sheriff's Office may seize the mobile home and any associated personal property located on the premises.
  • Notice of Sale: A public notice will be issued announcing the date and time of the sale of the seized property.
  • Sale of Property: If the unpaid taxes are not settled prior to the sale, the mobile home and other seized property will be sold to the highest bidder.
  • Application of Sale Proceeds: The proceeds from the sale will be applied to the delinquent taxes owed, along with any accrued interest and penalties. Any remaining funds will be returned to the former owner.

Consequences of Non-Compliance

Mobile home owners who fail to pay their property taxes face severe consequences, including:

  • Seizure and sale of their property
  • Interest and penalties added to their tax balance
  • Damage to their credit score
  • Difficulty obtaining financing in the future

Importance of Tax Compliance

Property taxes are essential for funding vital public services, such as schools, roads, and law enforcement. The PCSO emphasizes the importance of paying taxes on time to ensure the well-being of the community.

Assistance for Delinquent Taxpayers

The Pennington County Sheriff's Office understands that some taxpayers may experience financial hardship that makes it difficult to pay their taxes. The PCSO encourages delinquent taxpayers to contact the office to discuss payment options, such as:

  • Payment Plans: Arrangements can be made to establish a payment plan that allows taxpayers to pay their taxes over time.
  • Tax Exemptions: Certain individuals, such as veterans and low-income families, may qualify for property tax exemptions.
  • Referrals to Assistance Programs: The PCSO can connect delinquent taxpayers with local assistance programs that provide financial assistance for tax payments.


The Pennington County Sheriff's Office is committed to enforcing property tax laws and ensuring that all mobile home owners fulfill their tax obligations. The crackdown on delinquent taxes aims to protect the county's revenue base and provide a fair and equitable tax system for all residents. Mobile home owners are urged to contact the PCSO if they have any questions or need assistance with their property taxes. By working together, the community can ensure a strong and sustainable future for Pennington County.

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