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Michigan Announces State Mascot Coloring Contest

Michigan has announced an exciting new contest for children and adults alike to participate in. The state is holding a coloring contest to name the state mascot, and the competition promises to be a fun and engaging way for residents to showcase their creativity and love for their home state.

The contest, which is being organized by FOX 17 West Michigan News in partnership with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, is open to all ages and encourages participants to color in a pre-drawn mascot template and come up with a unique name for the character. The mascot template features a friendly representation of Michigan's diverse wildlife and natural landscapes, and participants are encouraged to be as imaginative as possible in their coloring and naming of the character.

How the Contest Works

To enter the contest, participants can download the mascot template from the FOX 17 West Michigan News website or pick up a printed copy from select locations across the state. Once the template is colored in and the character is named, participants can submit their entries either through the website or by mailing them to the designated contest address.

Entries will be judged based on creativity, originality, and how well the coloring and naming capture the spirit of Michigan. A panel of judges, including representatives from FOX 17 West Michigan News and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, will review the entries and select the top submissions.

Prizes and Recognition

The contest offers some attractive prizes for the winners. The first-place winner will have the honor of naming the state mascot and will receive a special prize package, including a VIP tour of a Michigan wildlife sanctuary and a feature on FOX 17 West Michigan News. Runners-up will also receive recognition and prizes for their creativity and participation in the contest.

In addition to the prizes, the winning entry will be officially adopted as the state mascot and will be featured in various promotional materials and events throughout Michigan. The mascot will serve as a symbol of the state's natural beauty and conservation efforts, and its name will become a part of Michigan's cultural identity.

Significance of the Contest

The coloring contest holds a special significance for Michigan, as it provides an opportunity for residents to come together and celebrate the natural wonders of their state. By engaging with the contest, participants will be able to express their love for Michigan's wildlife and landscapes while also learning about the importance of conservation and environmental stewardship.

Moreover, the contest serves as a unique way to involve children and young adults in the conversation about wildlife and nature. By participating in the contest, young individuals will learn about the diverse wildlife that inhabits Michigan and gain a deeper appreciation for the state's natural resources. The contest also encourages families to engage in creative activities together and fosters a sense of pride in Michigan's unique ecological heritage.

Connecting Communities

The coloring contest presents an opportunity to connect communities across Michigan. As participants from different regions of the state submit their entries, the contest will showcase the diversity of Michigan's landscapes and ecosystems. Additionally, the contest provides a platform for individuals to express their personal connections to the state and share their unique perspectives on Michigan's natural beauty.

By bringing people together through the common theme of the state mascot, the contest will promote a sense of unity and pride among Michigan residents. It offers a space for individuals to express their shared love for the state and its wildlife, fostering a sense of community and belonging.

Educational Value

One of the key benefits of the coloring contest is its educational value. Through the act of coloring the mascot template, participants will engage with images of Michigan's wildlife and natural environments, leading to increased awareness and understanding of the state's diverse ecosystems. By naming the mascot, participants will also have the opportunity to explore the characteristics and behaviors of different species, fostering an appreciation for the wildlife that call Michigan home.

For children, the contest provides an interactive and hands-on learning experience that connects them to the natural world. It encourages them to learn about the importance of wildlife conservation and the ways in which they can contribute to protecting Michigan's environment. The contest enables parents, educators, and community leaders to engage in conversations with children about the significance of preserving the state's natural resources and the role that each individual can play in conservation efforts.

Engaging Creativity

The coloring contest is a platform for participants to unleash their creativity and imagination. By coloring in the mascot template, individuals have the opportunity to express themselves artistically, experimenting with different color combinations and techniques to bring the character to life. Moreover, naming the mascot allows participants to exercise their inventiveness and storytelling skills, as they craft a name that reflects the character's personality and spirit.

The contest welcomes participants of all ages and skill levels, making it an inclusive and accessible opportunity for people to showcase their creative talents. Whether an individual is a professional artist or simply enjoys doodling as a hobby, the contest provides a space for everyone to join in the fun and contribute their unique perspectives to the naming of the state mascot.

Promoting Conservation

By focusing on Michigan's wildlife and natural landscapes, the contest underscores the importance of conservation and environmental stewardship. Through the act of coloring and naming the mascot, participants are encouraged to consider the significance of protecting the state's biodiversity and preserving its natural habitats.

The contest serves as a reminder of the rich ecological heritage of Michigan and the need to safeguard it for future generations. By incorporating themes of wildlife and nature into the contest, it raises awareness about the various species that call Michigan home and the ways in which individuals can support conservation efforts. The contest provides a platform for spreading the message of environmental responsibility and encouraging people to take an active role in preserving the state's natural resources.

Celebrating Michigan's Diversity

Michigan is known for its diverse landscapes, from the shores of the Great Lakes to the dense forests and rolling hills of the interior. The state is home to a rich array of wildlife, including white-tailed deer, black bears, gray wolves, and a variety of bird species. The coloring contest offers an opportunity to celebrate this natural diversity and acknowledge the interconnectedness of Michigan's ecosystems.

By featuring a mascot that embodies the state's wildlife and landscapes, the contest pays homage to the unique attributes of Michigan's environment. It encourages participants to consider the beauty and significance of the state's natural resources and to reflect on the variety of habitats and species that contribute to Michigan's ecological tapestry.

Fostering Civic Engagement

The coloring contest serves as a vehicle for civic engagement, providing a means for individuals to actively participate in shaping a cultural symbol for the state. By inviting residents to name the state mascot, the contest promotes a sense of ownership and investment in Michigan's identity, fostering pride in the state and its natural heritage.

The contest also encourages dialogue and collaboration among participants as they share ideas and inspiration for the mascot's name. It creates a forum for individuals to engage in discussions about Michigan's wildlife and natural landscapes, fostering a sense of community and shared responsibility. By involving people in the process of naming the state mascot, the contest fosters a deeper connection between Michigan's residents and their natural surroundings.


Michigan's state mascot coloring contest presents a unique opportunity for residents to come together and celebrate the state's natural beauty. By engaging in the contest, participants can showcase their creativity and demonstrate their love for Michigan's wildlife and landscapes. The contest serves as a platform for promoting conservation, fostering community connections, and encouraging civic engagement, all while providing an interactive and educational experience for individuals of all ages.

As the contest unfolds, it promises to generate excitement and enthusiasm among Michigan residents, as they eagerly await the naming of the state mascot and the recognition of the winning entries. Through this creative and collaborative endeavor, the contest will leave a lasting impression, reflecting the deep sense of pride and admiration that Michigan's residents hold for their state and its remarkable natural resources.

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