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House Report Exposes Biden's Disastrous Green Energy Policies

A comprehensive report released by the House Committee on Energy and Commerce has revealed the catastrophic consequences of President Joe Biden's radical green energy agenda. The report, meticulously compiled over several months, meticulously analyzes the detrimental impacts on American families, businesses, and the nation's overall prosperity.

Energy Crisis and Soaring Costs

The report starkly exposes how Biden's policies have exacerbated the nation's energy crisis. By imposing arbitrary renewable energy targets and shutting down fossil fuel projects, the administration has created a severe energy shortage, leading to skyrocketing energy costs for consumers and businesses.

According to the report, average household energy bills have surged by 25% over the past year, placing an unbearable burden on families already struggling financially. Businesses are also reeling under the pressure of inflated energy prices, threatening job losses and economic decline.

Job Losses and Reduced Economic Growth

Biden's green energy obsession has resulted in the loss of thousands of jobs in the oil and gas industry. The report estimates that the administration's policies have cost the nation over 100,000 jobs, with countless more at risk.

The decline in the fossil fuel sector has also led to a significant reduction in economic growth. The report concludes that Biden's policies are responsible for slowing the economy by 0.5% per year, resulting in lost productivity and decreased investment.

Reliability and National Security Concerns

The report also raises serious concerns about the reliability and national security implications of Biden's green energy initiatives. Reliance on intermittent renewable sources, such as solar and wind, has made the nation's power grid vulnerable to blackouts and energy shortages.

The report warns that the Biden administration's dependence on foreign-produced minerals and components for green energy technologies poses a threat to national security. China, a major supplier of these materials, could potentially exploit this dependence to exert influence over the United States.

Unrealistic and Unachievable Targets

The report scrutinizes the Biden administration's ambitious renewable energy targets, deeming them unrealistic and unachievable. The report notes that the administration's goal of achieving 100% clean electricity generation by 2035 would require an unattainable investment of $12 trillion.

Moreover, the report argues that the administration has failed to provide a comprehensive plan for managing the transition to green energy, increasing the risk of significant economic disruption and energy shortages.

Devastating Impacts on Rural and Low-Income Communities

The report highlights the disproportionate impacts of Biden's green energy policies on rural and low-income communities. These communities are heavily dependent on fossil fuels for their livelihoods and energy needs. The report warns that the administration's policies will exacerbate poverty and inequality.


The House Committee on Energy and Commerce report exposes the dire consequences of the Biden administration's reckless green energy agenda. The report meticulously analyzes the economic, environmental, and national security risks associated with these policies, emphasizing their detrimental effects on American families, businesses, and the nation's overall well-being.

The report urges the Biden administration to reconsider its flawed energy policies and embrace a pragmatic approach that balances environmental concerns with energy security, affordability, and economic growth.

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