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DPS releases Be Smart, Be Safe downloadable coloring book for children

The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) has recently released a new educational resource for children to promote safety awareness and preparedness. The Be Smart, Be Safe coloring book is a downloadable resource designed to engage children in a fun and interactive way while teaching them important safety tips and emergency preparedness.

A Fun and Educational Resource

The Be Smart, Be Safe coloring book is a creative way for children to learn about staying safe in various situations, including natural disasters, home safety, and interactions with law enforcement. The coloring book features a series of engaging illustrations and accompanying educational messages that aim to empower children to make safe and responsible choices.

The coloring book covers a range of safety topics, including the importance of wearing seat belts in vehicles, understanding the role of law enforcement officers, and knowing what to do in case of emergencies. By presenting these important messages in a format that is both entertaining and educational, DPS hopes to instill crucial safety knowledge in young children.

Downloadable Format for Accessibility

One of the key advantages of the Be Smart, Be Safe coloring book is its accessibility. The coloring book is available for free download on the DPS website, making it easily accessible to parents, teachers, and caregivers who want to provide children with valuable safety education.

The downloadable format also allows for widespread distribution, enabling community organizations, schools, and other groups to share the coloring book with a wide audience. This accessibility ensures that the important safety messages contained in the coloring book can reach as many children as possible, ultimately contributing to a safer and more informed community.

Interactive Learning Experience

Coloring has long been recognized as a beneficial activity for children, offering numerous developmental benefits such as improving fine motor skills, promoting creativity, and fostering concentration. By combining the act of coloring with essential safety information, the Be Smart, Be Safe coloring book creates an engaging and interactive learning experience for children.

As children color the illustrations and read the accompanying safety tips, they absorb important information in a way that is both enjoyable and memorable. This interactive approach to safety education encourages children to take an active interest in their own well-being and empowers them to make informed decisions in various situations.

Supporting Parents, Teachers, and Caregivers

The Be Smart, Be Safe coloring book also serves as a valuable resource for parents, teachers, and caregivers who are tasked with imparting essential safety knowledge to children. The coloring book provides a structured and engaging means of introducing safety topics to children, offering a starting point for discussions and activities related to staying safe in different scenarios.

Parents and caregivers can use the coloring book as a tool to initiate conversations about safety at home, in vehicles, and in public spaces, helping to reinforce the importance of making safe choices. Similarly, teachers can incorporate the coloring book into their lesson plans to complement classroom discussions on safety and emergency preparedness.

Promoting Positive Relationships with Law Enforcement

In addition to addressing general safety topics, the Be Smart, Be Safe coloring book aims to foster positive relationships between children and law enforcement officers. The coloring book includes illustrations that depict law enforcement officers in a friendly and approachable manner, accompanied by messages that explain the role of these officers in keeping communities safe.

By familiarizing children with law enforcement in a non-intimidating context, the coloring book seeks to alleviate any apprehensions or fears that children may have about interacting with law enforcement officers. This positive representation aims to build trust and respect for law enforcement from an early age, contributing to stronger and more harmonious community relations.

Community Engagement and Outreach

The release of the Be Smart, Be Safe coloring book aligns with DPS's commitment to community engagement and proactive safety education. By offering this resource as a free download, DPS aims to encourage widespread use and distribution of the coloring book among various community groups, schools, and organizations.

The coloring book serves as a tool for promoting safety awareness and preparedness within local communities, supporting DPS's larger mission of enhancing public safety and well-being. By engaging children in safety education from a young age, the Be Smart, Be Safe coloring book contributes to the collective effort to create safer and more resilient communities.

Empowering Children to Be Safe and Informed

The Be Smart, Be Safe coloring book provides children with valuable knowledge and skills that can have a lasting impact on their safety and well-being. By engaging children in a fun and interactive learning experience, this resource empowers them to make smart and safe choices in various situations, from everyday activities to emergency scenarios.

Through colorful illustrations and practical safety tips, the coloring book equips children with the tools they need to understand and navigate potential safety concerns. It encourages children to be proactive in their own safety and enables them to approach safety-related issues with confidence and awareness.


The release of the Be Smart, Be Safe coloring book by the Texas Department of Public Safety represents a significant step in promoting safety awareness and preparedness among children. By providing a fun and educational resource that is accessible to a wide audience, DPS empowers children, parents, teachers, and caregivers to engage in important safety discussions and activities.

The interactive nature of the coloring book ensures that children absorb crucial safety information in a way that is enjoyable and meaningful, ultimately contributing to a more safety-conscious and informed generation. As communities and individuals embrace the use of the Be Smart, Be Safe coloring book, they play an active role in shaping a culture of safety and responsibility that benefits everyone.

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