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FMAAA Extends Deadline for Pinwheels for Prevention Coloring Contest

The Fort Madison Area Arts Association (FMAAA) has announced an extension of the deadline for its popular Pinwheels for Prevention Coloring Contest. The annual contest, which aims to raise awareness about child abuse prevention, has been a staple of the FMAAA's community outreach efforts for several years.

Originally scheduled to conclude on March 31st, the deadline for submissions has now been extended to April 15th. This extension provides children in the community with additional time to participate in the contest and showcase their artistic talents while also learning about the importance of preventing child abuse.

The Pinwheels for Prevention Coloring Contest is part of the FMAAA's broader efforts to promote awareness and education around the issue of child abuse. By engaging children in a creative and educational activity, the FMAAA aims to instill a sense of responsibility and empowerment among young participants, encouraging them to become advocates for child abuse prevention.

History of the Pinwheels for Prevention Project

The Pinwheels for Prevention project was initially launched by Prevent Child Abuse America as a national campaign to bring attention to the issue of child abuse and neglect. The campaign utilizes pinwheels as a symbol of hope, innocence, and childhood, and encourages communities to display pinwheels in public places to raise awareness.

In line with this national initiative, the FMAAA adopted the Pinwheels for Prevention project as a way to engage the local community in the fight against child abuse. The organization has successfully integrated the campaign into its programming, leveraging art and creativity as a means to educate and inspire individuals of all ages.

Each year, the FMAAA hosts various activities and events centered around the Pinwheels for Prevention project, including the coloring contest, art exhibitions, and community outreach efforts. These initiatives not only raise awareness about the prevalence of child abuse but also provide a platform for dialogue and action to prevent future instances of abuse and neglect.

Impact of the Coloring Contest

The Pinwheels for Prevention Coloring Contest has been instrumental in engaging children and families in conversations about child abuse prevention. By encouraging young participants to express themselves through art, the contest serves as a creative outlet for children to explore their understanding of the issue and contribute to the broader cause of raising awareness.

Through their artwork, children often convey powerful messages about the importance of protecting and supporting their peers. The contest not only fosters creativity but also cultivates empathy and compassion, as participants engage with the complexities of the subject matter and contemplate the significance of preventing harm to children.

Moreover, the coloring contest provides an opportunity for parents, guardians, and educators to initiate discussions about child abuse and safety. By participating in the contest, families can address challenging topics in a supportive and constructive manner, thereby reinforcing the importance of open communication and vigilance in safeguarding children from harm.

Extended Deadline

The decision to extend the deadline for the coloring contest reflects the FMAAA's commitment to maximizing participation and engagement within the community. Recognizing the value of the contest as a platform for meaningful expression and dialogue, the organization seeks to ensure that as many children as possible have the opportunity to contribute their unique perspectives to the cause of child abuse prevention.

The extended deadline also accommodates the diverse schedules and commitments of families, schools, and community groups, making it more feasible for participants to dedicate time to creating their artwork. By extending the deadline, the FMAAA strives to remove potential barriers to participation and create a more inclusive and accessible experience for all individuals interested in supporting the Pinwheels for Prevention project.

Contest Guidelines and Prizes

The coloring contest is open to children of all ages within the community, and participants are encouraged to unleash their creativity while adhering to the following guidelines:

  • Use the official Pinwheels for Prevention coloring sheet provided by the FMAAA, which features imagery related to the campaign's themes of hope and advocacy.

  • Utilize a variety of colors and mediums to bring the coloring sheet to life, allowing for imaginative interpretations of the design.

  • Submit the completed artwork to the FMAAA by the revised deadline of April 15th, either in person or through designated drop-off locations throughout the community.

In addition to the opportunity to contribute to a significant cause, participants have the chance to win various prizes for their exceptional artwork. The FMAAA will evaluate submissions based on originality, creativity, and alignment with the message of child abuse prevention, with winners being recognized and celebrated for their impactful contributions.

Promoting Community Involvement

The FMAAA has been actively promoting the extended deadline for the coloring contest through collaborative efforts with local schools, youth organizations, and community partners. By engaging with educational institutions and youth-focused programs, the organization seeks to amplify outreach and encourage widespread participation among children in the community.

Through strategic outreach initiatives, the FMAAA aims to emphasize the significance of the coloring contest as a vehicle for advocacy and education. By enlisting the support of teachers, administrators, and youth leaders, the organization underscores the value of incorporating the contest into curricular and extracurricular activities, thereby reinforcing the connection between art and social impact.

Furthermore, the FMAAA has leveraged various communication channels, including social media, local publications, and public announcements, to disseminate information about the contest extension. By harnessing the power of digital and traditional media, the organization has broadened its reach and ensured that the community is well-informed about the revised deadline and the importance of participating in the initiative.

Creating a Platform for Dialogue

As children engage in the coloring contest, they are provided with a unique opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings about the issue of child abuse. By encouraging children to reflect on the theme of prevention through their artwork, the contest serves as a catalyst for meaningful conversations about the importance of safety, respect, and support for all children.

The artistic expressions of the participants not only serve as visual representations of their perspectives but also become catalysts for initiating important conversations at home, in the classroom, and within the broader community. Art has the power to transcend language barriers and cultural differences, allowing individuals to connect and empathize with each other through shared experiences and emotions.

By leveraging art as a tool for dialogue and reflection, the FMAAA aims to foster a community-wide discourse about the proactive measures that can be taken to safeguard children and prevent abuse. The coloring contest serves as a starting point for engaging children and adults in discussions about building safe and nurturing environments for all young individuals, thereby strengthening the collective commitment to child welfare.

Supporting Child Advocacy Efforts

In addition to raising awareness, the Pinwheels for Prevention Coloring Contest contributes to the FMAAA's broader efforts to support child advocacy organizations and initiatives. Through partnerships with local advocacy groups and service providers, the organization channels the momentum generated by the contest to bolster existing programs and campaigns focused on child safety and well-being.

By aligning with established advocacy efforts, the FMAAA amplifies the impact of the coloring contest, contributing to a more comprehensive and sustained approach to addressing the root causes of child abuse and neglect. By supporting the work of advocacy organizations, the FMAAA underscores the importance of collaboration and community engagement in advancing the cause of child welfare.

Moreover, the contest serves as a vehicle for fundraising and resource mobilization, as the FMAAA leverages the support of sponsors, donors, and community members to further its mission of promoting child advocacy. This multifaceted approach allows the organization to address the issue of child abuse from various angles, combining awareness-building with tangible support for frontline advocacy efforts.

Long-term Impact and Visibility

The extended deadline for the coloring contest holds the potential to generate long-term impact by increasing awareness and visibility for the Pinwheels for Prevention project. By accommodating the participation of more children and families, the FMAAA expands the reach of its advocacy efforts, ultimately contributing to a more robust and enduring presence of the campaign within the community.

The artwork created by participants during the contest becomes a lasting testament to the community's commitment to child abuse prevention, serving as a visual reminder of the collective dedication to protecting young individuals. Installations and exhibitions of the artwork further amplify the visibility of the campaign, sparking ongoing conversations and reflections on the importance of maintaining safe and nurturing environments for children.

Furthermore, the contest fosters a sense of ownership and pride among participants, as they see their contributions highlighted and celebrated within their own community. By creating opportunities for individuals to feel directly engaged in the cause of child advocacy, the FMAAA cultivates a culture of active participation and solidarity, reinforcing the sense of shared responsibility for promoting the well-being of children.


The extension of the deadline for the Pinwheels for Prevention Coloring Contest by the Fort Madison Area Arts Association exemplifies the organization's dedication to promoting child abuse prevention through artistic expression and community engagement. By providing children with an extended opportunity to participate in the contest, the FMAAA seeks to harness the power of creativity and dialogue to raise awareness and support the cause of child advocacy.

Through the contest, children are empowered to express their perspectives on the issue of child abuse, prompting meaningful conversations and reflections within the community. The extended deadline not only allows for greater participation but also underscores the organization's commitment to fostering a culture of empathy, awareness, and action in safeguarding the well-being of all children.

As the contest progresses and submissions are received, the FMAAA continues to leverage the momentum of the campaign to support child advocacy initiatives and strengthen community-wide efforts to prevent abuse and neglect. By uniting art, education, and advocacy, the organization reinforces the transformative potential of creative expression in advancing the cause of child welfare.

With its extended deadline and inclusive approach, the Pinwheels for Prevention Coloring Contest exemplifies the enduring impact that community-based initiatives can have in driving positive change and promoting the rights and safety of children.

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