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CANNIBAL CORPSE Unveils Surprising New Merchandise: A Controversial Coloring Book

Cannibal Corpse, one of the most notorious and influential death metal bands in the world, has announced a unique and unexpected addition to their merchandise lineup - a coloring book. However, the release of this unconventional item has already sparked controversy, as it has been banned in Germany. Let's delve into the details and explore the significance of this announcement.

A Unlikely Release

For decades, Cannibal Corpse has been pushing the boundaries of extreme music with their brutal and uncompromising sound. Their lyrics often explore graphic and disturbing themes, and their album artwork is equally intense. Given the band's reputation for shocking imagery and lyrical content, the announcement of a coloring book seems like a departure from their usual approach.

The coloring book, titled "Corpus Delicti," features intricate and macabre illustrations inspired by the band's music and imagery. The drawings, created by Vince Locke, the artist behind many of Cannibal Corpse's album covers, depict scenes of gore, violence, and horror, reflecting the band's dark and visceral aesthetic.

Controversy and Ban in Germany

Despite its seemingly innocuous nature, "Corpus Delicti" has already run into significant controversy. The coloring book has been banned in Germany, a nation known for its strict regulations on graphic and explicit content. The ban comes as no surprise, given the explicit and disturbing nature of the illustrations contained within the book.

The decision to ban "Corpus Delicti" in Germany raises questions about censorship, artistic expression, and the line between acceptable and objectionable content. It also highlights the ongoing tension between freedom of speech and the need to protect vulnerable audiences from potentially harmful material.

Reaction from Fans and Critics

The announcement of the coloring book has elicited a wide range of reactions from fans and critics alike. Many supporters of the band have expressed excitement at the prospect of engaging with Cannibal Corpse's imagery in a new and unconventional way. Some see the coloring book as a lighthearted and somewhat ironic addition to the band's merchandise, providing fans with a unique opportunity to interact with the darker aspects of their music and art.

On the other hand, critics have condemned the release of "Corpus Delicti" as an irresponsible and potentially harmful endeavor. They argue that the graphic nature of the illustrations could be distressing or even traumatic for certain audiences, particularly younger fans who may be drawn to the concept of a Cannibal Corpse coloring book.

Artistic Freedom and Responsibility

The controversy surrounding "Corpus Delicti" raises important questions about artistic freedom and the responsibilities that come with creating and disseminating challenging and potentially disturbing content. While artists have the right to explore and express dark and taboo subjects, they also have a duty to consider the potential impact of their work on audiences.

Cannibal Corpse's decision to release a coloring book featuring graphic and violent imagery forces us to confront the tension between artistic expression and social responsibility. The band has long been a lightning rod for debates about the limits of artistic freedom, and "Corpus Delicti" further complicates this discussion.

Historical Context of Shocking Merchandise

Cannibal Corpse is not the first band to court controversy with unconventional and shocking merchandise. Throughout the history of heavy metal, numerous artists have pushed the boundaries of acceptable and tasteful merchandise, often to the dismay of conservative and censorious critics.

The band's coloring book joins a long tradition of provocative and confrontational merchandise within the metal genre. From explicit album covers to controversial t-shirts, bands have often used their merchandise as a means of expressing their subversive and transgressive ethos. "Corpus Delicti" continues this tradition, pushing the boundaries of what is considered appropriate and acceptable in the realm of music-related merchandise.

Impact on the Metal Community

The release of "Corpus Delicti" has sparked a lively and impassioned debate within the metal community. Some see the coloring book as a welcome and light-hearted addition to the band's catalog of merchandise, while others view it as a step too far, potentially alienating fans and perpetuating negative stereotypes about metal music and its audiences.

The controversy surrounding the coloring book also raises broader questions about the perception of metal music and its associated imagery. Metal has long been the subject of misunderstanding and stigmatization, with its graphic lyrics and aggressive sound often overshadowing its artistic and emotional depth. "Corpus Delicti" adds a new layer to these debates, inviting discussions about the role of shock, violence, and horror within the metal community.


Cannibal Corpse's announcement of a coloring book inspired by their music and artwork has ignited a fierce debate about artistic freedom, responsibility, and the boundaries of acceptable content. The ban of "Corpus Delicti" in Germany underscores the challenges of navigating cultural sensitivities and regulations while exploring provocative themes.

As the metal community grapples with the implications of this controversial release, it is clear that the discussion will continue to evolve and provoke thoughtful reflection on the intersection of art, commerce, and social norms. Whether "Corpus Delicti" is ultimately seen as a bold and daring move by Cannibal Corpse or as an ill-advised misstep, its impact on the band's legacy and the broader landscape of metal music remains to be seen.

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