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Tutorial Missions Walkthrough - Lightyear Frontier Guide - IGN

Lightyear Frontier is a strategic simulation game that challenges players to manage and expand their base while exploring and conquering new territories. As with many games of this genre, the tutorial missions are crucial for understanding the mechanics, building a strong foundation, and mastering the gameplay. In this article, we'll provide a comprehensive walkthrough of the tutorial missions in Lightyear Frontier, guiding you through each step and giving you the tips and strategies needed to succeed.

Getting Started

The game starts with a brief introduction to the game's storyline and basic controls. The tutorial begins by teaching players how to construct basic structures and gather resources to enhance their base. It's essential to carefully follow the instructions and take the time to familiarize yourself with the game interface.

Basic Controls

  • Movement: Use the arrow keys or drag the map with your mouse to navigate the game world.
  • Building: Click on the Build menu, select the structure you want to build, and then place it in the desired location.
  • Resource Gathering: Click on resource nodes to send workers to gather them.

Tutorial Mission 1: Base Expansion

The first tutorial mission introduces players to the core concept of expanding their base. Players are required to build various structures, such as resource-gathering facilities, barracks, and power generators, to support their growing colony.

Tips & Strategies

  • Prioritize building resource-gathering facilities to ensure a steady supply of essential materials.
  • Expand strategically and keep an eye on your base’s energy requirements to prevent shortages.

Tutorial Mission 2: Exploration and Scouting

In this mission, players are tasked with sending out scouts to explore the surrounding areas and uncover potential threats and opportunities. Understanding the layout of the game world and identifying key resources is crucial for future expansion and development.

Tips & Strategies

  • Use scouts to uncover hidden resource nodes and potential enemies.
  • Pay attention to the terrain and plan your expansion accordingly.

Tutorial Mission 3: Defense and Security

As your base grows, securing it becomes increasingly important. This mission focuses on building defensive structures, training combat units, and preparing for potential attacks.

Tips & Strategies

  • Prioritize defensive structures such as turrets to protect your base from enemy incursions.
  • Assemble a mix of combat units, including infantry and artillery, to defend against different types of threats.

Tutorial Mission 4: Resource Management

This mission emphasizes the importance of efficient resource management. Players are introduced to the concept of balancing resource production, consumption, and storage.

Tips & Strategies

  • Keep an eye on your resource indicators and adjust production accordingly to prevent shortages or overages.
  • Build storage facilities to prevent resources from being wasted due to reaching their maximum capacity.

Tutorial Mission 5: Expansion and Colonization

In this mission, players are encouraged to expand their territory by establishing new colonies and exploiting additional resources. This requires careful planning and strategic decision-making.

Tips & Strategies

  • Prioritize expanding to new resource-rich areas to fuel your base's growth.
  • Manage your colonies effectively to maximize the benefits they provide to your main base.


The tutorial missions in Lightyear Frontier serve as a comprehensive guide to the game's mechanics and provide players with the necessary knowledge to thrive in the challenging world of strategic base management. By following the walkthrough and applying the tips and strategies outlined in this article, players can lay a solid foundation for their future conquests and ensure their success in the game.

In conclusion, Lightyear Frontier's tutorial missions are an essential part of the game, and mastering them is crucial for success in the game's expansive and challenging world. By following this walkthrough and applying the tips and strategies provided, players can confidently navigate the tutorial missions and establish a strong foundation for their future in the game.

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