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Epic Games Store Set to Expand to Mobile Platforms by the End of 2024

In recent news, Epic Games has announced their plans to bring their digital storefront, the Epic Games Store, to mobile platforms by the end of 2024. This move marks a significant expansion for the company and has the potential to reshape the mobile gaming landscape. With the mobile gaming market continuing to grow, the addition of the Epic Games Store could have a major impact on how consumers discover and purchase games on their mobile devices. This article will explore the implications of Epic's expansion to mobile and what it means for both players and developers in the mobile gaming space.

Epic Games Store: A Brief Overview

Epic Games Store, first launched in December 2018, quickly made a name for itself in the PC gaming community by offering exclusive titles, a more favorable revenue split for developers, and free game giveaways on a regular basis. The platform's aggressive approach to securing exclusives and its developer-friendly revenue share model have earned it both praise and scrutiny within the gaming industry.

With its expansion to mobile, Epic Games aims to replicate its success in the PC gaming market and become a major player in the mobile gaming space. The company's ambitious plans indicate a potential shift in the dynamics of mobile game distribution and could pose a direct challenge to the dominance of existing mobile storefronts, such as Apple's App Store and Google Play Store.

Impact on Mobile Gaming Landscape

The addition of the Epic Games Store to mobile platforms is expected to have a significant impact on the mobile gaming landscape. Currently, Apple's App Store and Google Play Store dominate the mobile gaming market, with a large portion of revenue generated through their storefronts. The arrival of Epic Games Store on mobile introduces a new player in the market, offering developers an alternative distribution platform with the potential for greater revenue share.

Moreover, Epic Games' willingness to challenge the status quo in the gaming industry could lead to increased competition among storefronts, potentially resulting in better deals for both developers and players. With Epic Games Store's strong track record of offering exclusive titles and attractive deals for developers, its expansion to mobile could lead to a more diverse and competitive mobile gaming market.

Developer Opportunities and Challenges

For game developers, the expansion of Epic Games Store to mobile presents both opportunities and challenges. The platform's developer-friendly revenue share model, which offers a higher portion of revenue to developers compared to its competitors, could incentivize more developers to publish their games on the Epic Games Store for mobile. This could lead to a more diverse and robust selection of games available to mobile players.

However, the arrival of a new storefront also introduces challenges for developers, particularly in terms of discoverability. With multiple storefronts vying for players' attention, developers will need to navigate the increasingly competitive landscape to ensure their games stand out. This could lead to an increase in marketing and promotional efforts, as well as the need to adapt to different storefront guidelines and policies.

Consumer Benefits

From a consumer perspective, the expansion of Epic Games Store to mobile could bring several benefits. The platform's history of offering free games and exclusive titles on PC suggests that mobile players may also have the opportunity to access similar offerings. Additionally, increased competition among storefronts could lead to more competitive pricing and better deals for players.

The potential for a broader range of games and exclusive titles on the Epic Games Store for mobile could also provide players with more choices and a richer gaming experience. With different storefronts offering unique content and promotions, players may have the chance to discover and access a wider variety of games on their mobile devices.

Regulatory Considerations

Epic Games' expansion to mobile comes at a time when digital storefronts, particularly those operated by major tech companies, are facing increased regulatory scrutiny. The ongoing legal battles between Epic Games and Apple, in particular, have shed light on antitrust concerns and the challenges of operating within closed ecosystems.

As Epic Games Store expands to mobile, it will likely face similar regulatory considerations and potential legal battles with other major tech companies. The outcome of these regulatory challenges could have a significant impact on the mobile gaming market and the broader digital storefront landscape.


The expansion of Epic Games Store to mobile platforms by the end of 2024 represents a bold move by the company to establish a stronger foothold in the mobile gaming market. With the potential to disrupt existing dynamics and introduce new opportunities for both developers and players, the arrival of the Epic Games Store on mobile is poised to reshape the mobile gaming landscape.

As the mobile gaming market continues to evolve, the addition of a new storefront with a proven track record of offering exclusive titles and developer-friendly terms could lead to a more competitive and diverse ecosystem. However, the expansion also presents challenges for developers and raises regulatory considerations that could impact the future of mobile gaming.

Overall, the arrival of the Epic Games Store on mobile is set to be a defining moment for the mobile gaming industry, with the potential to bring about significant changes and opportunities for all stakeholders involved.

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