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Enter the Kannapolis Police Department Children’s Coloring Contest

The Kannapolis Police Department is excited to announce its first Children’s Coloring Contest. This contest is open to all children in the community, and it aims to promote creativity and community engagement. With the support of the City of Kannapolis, the Police Department is seeking to create an enjoyable and educational activity for the youth while fostering a positive relationship between law enforcement and the community.


The Kannapolis Police Department is dedicated to serving and protecting the residents of Kannapolis. In addition to their law enforcement duties, the department is committed to building strong relationships with the community. One way they achieve this is through various community engagement initiatives. The Children’s Coloring Contest is just one example of their efforts to connect with the young residents of Kannapolis. By involving children in a fun and creative activity, the department hopes to establish a positive rapport with them and their families.

Contest Details

The Children’s Coloring Contest is open to children aged 12 and under. The contest features a coloring page with a design related to law enforcement and community safety. Children are encouraged to unleash their creativity by coloring the page using crayons, colored pencils, markers, or any other artistic tools they prefer. The contest is not only a platform for showcasing artistic talents but also aims to educate participants about the importance of safety and the role of law enforcement in the community.

Entries can be submitted at designated drop-off locations, including select local businesses, community centers, and the Kannapolis Police Department headquarters. The department has also made a digital version of the coloring page available for download on their official website, enabling participants to print the page at home and submit their entries electronically. Additionally, the contest guidelines and submission details are outlined on the website, providing easy access to all the necessary information for interested participants.

The submission period for the contest will run for four weeks, allowing ample time for children to work on their entries. Once the submission deadline has passed, a panel of judges from the Kannapolis Police Department will review all entries and select winners based on creativity, originality, and adherence to the contest theme.


To add to the excitement, the Children’s Coloring Contest offers enticing prizes for the winners. The top three entries will be awarded prizes such as gift cards to local toy stores, art supplies, and special recognition from the Kannapolis Police Department. In addition to individual prizes, the winning artwork will be prominently displayed at the Kannapolis Police Department headquarters and featured on the department’s social media channels and website.

The prizes not only serve as an incentive for participation but also reflect the department’s commitment to fostering a sense of community and acknowledging the young talents in Kannapolis. By recognizing the creativity and effort put forth by the children, the Police Department hopes to inspire and encourage their enthusiasm for art and community involvement.

Community Impact

The Children’s Coloring Contest serves as a platform for the Kannapolis Police Department to engage with the community in a positive and meaningful way. By inviting children to participate in the contest, the department is promoting a sense of unity and collaboration between law enforcement and the community at large. Moreover, the contest provides an opportunity for the Police Department to interact with the younger demographic and establish a friendly and approachable image.

Engaging children in creative activities can also have a positive impact on their development. By participating in the contest, children have the chance to express themselves artistically and learn about important topics such as safety and community awareness. The contest theme, centered around law enforcement and community safety, aims to instill a sense of responsibility and awareness in the young participants, contributing to their personal growth and understanding of civic duties.

Furthermore, the visibility of the artwork through display at the Police Department headquarters and online platforms can boost the children’s confidence and sense of achievement. Seeing their artwork showcased in a public space can be a source of pride and validation for the participants, fostering a positive self-image and sense of belonging within the community.

Promoting Creativity and Inclusivity

The Children’s Coloring Contest also serves as a means to promote creativity and inclusivity. By encouraging children to use their imagination and artistic skills, the contest provides a platform for self-expression and creativity. This allows participants to explore their artistic abilities and showcase their unique perspectives, irrespective of their background or experience.

Inclusivity is further highlighted by the contest's accessibility. By offering both physical and digital entry options, the Kannapolis Police Department ensures that all children, regardless of their circumstances or access to resources, have the opportunity to participate. This inclusive approach aligns with the department’s commitment to reaching out to the entire community and ensuring that everyone feels welcome and valued.

The contest also provides an avenue for family involvement. Parents and guardians can support their children in creating their artwork, opening up opportunities for bonding and shared experiences. Additionally, as the contest promotes safety and community awareness, it can facilitate important conversations within families about these topics, fostering a sense of shared responsibility and understanding.

Promotional Efforts

The Kannapolis Police Department has launched an extensive promotional campaign to raise awareness about the Children’s Coloring Contest. The campaign includes outreach to local schools, community centers, and youth organizations to spread the word about the contest. Informational flyers have been distributed to various locations frequented by families, ensuring that the contest reaches a wide audience.

The department has also utilized its social media platforms to promote the contest, regularly posting updates, contest guidelines, and examples of the coloring page. By leveraging social media, the Police Department can engage directly with the community, respond to inquiries, and share the excitement surrounding the contest. Additionally, the use of social media enables the department to reach a younger demographic and create buzz around the event.

In collaboration with local businesses, the Kannapolis Police Department has arranged for the contest coloring page to be available at select locations for children to pick up and participate. This partnership not only extends the reach of the contest but also strengthens community ties, showcasing the collaborative efforts between law enforcement and local establishments.


The Kannapolis Police Department’s Children’s Coloring Contest embodies the department’s commitment to community engagement and fostering positive relationships with the residents of Kannapolis. By providing a platform for children to express their creativity and learn about important community topics, the contest not only serves as a fun and educational activity but also contributes to building a sense of unity and inclusivity within the community.

As the contest continues to unfold, the excitement and participation generated from the event are expected to further solidify the bond between the Kannapolis Police Department and the community. Through the celebration of children’s creativity and the promotion of safety and community awareness, the department aims to inspire and empower the next generation, laying the foundations for a strong and connected community in Kannapolis.

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