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Empowering Diverse Voices: How a Xavier University Alumna is Using Inclusive Coloring Books to Elevate Representation

In a world where representation and inclusivity are more important than ever, one Xavier University alumna is taking the initiative to make a difference. Through her innovative and creative approach, she is bringing attention to the diverse voices that are often overlooked in traditional media. This alumna's name is Jasmine Mitchell, and she is the founder of "Diverse Coloring Books," a company that focuses on creating inclusive coloring books for children and adults of all backgrounds. Mitchell's mission is to empower diverse voices and elevate representation through her unique and inspiring work.

The Inspiration Behind Diverse Coloring Books

Jasmine Mitchell's journey as an entrepreneur and advocate for representation began during her time at Xavier University, where she studied graphic design. It was there that she realized the lack of representation in mainstream media, especially in children's books and coloring books. Mitchell was passionate about using her artistic skills to make a difference and saw an opportunity to fill the gap in the market. She wanted to create coloring books that would showcase a wide range of diverse characters and cultural experiences, something that was sorely lacking in the industry.

Creating Inclusive and Empowering Content

With a clear vision in mind, Jasmine Mitchell set out to create her first coloring book, "Celebrating Our Differences." The book features a diverse cast of characters, including children with disabilities, different ethnicities, and various cultural backgrounds. Mitchell wanted to ensure that every child could see themselves represented in her work, no matter their race, ability, or background. The book was a hit, and it quickly gained attention for its inclusive and empowering content.

Since then, Mitchell has continued to expand her collection of coloring books, with each one focusing on different themes and aspects of diversity. Some of her other titles include "Women Who Inspire," which highlights influential women from various fields, and "Our Global Community," which showcases different cultures and traditions from around the world. Each of Mitchell's books is carefully researched and thoughtfully designed to provide an accurate and respectful representation of the diverse voices that she seeks to elevate.

The Impact of Diverse Coloring Books

The impact of Mitchell's work has been significant, reaching far beyond just the pages of her coloring books. Children and adults alike have been inspired and empowered by the diverse representation found in her art. Parents have expressed their gratitude for finally being able to provide their children with coloring books that reflect their own experiences and identities. Teachers have also praised Mitchell's work for its educational value, using her books as a tool to teach their students about diversity and inclusion.

One of the most rewarding aspects of her work for Mitchell has been the feedback from children themselves. Hearing from young readers who felt seen and validated by her coloring books has been incredibly meaningful to her. It has only reinforced her commitment to continuing to create content that empowers and uplifts diverse voices.

Collaborating with Diverse Artists

In addition to creating her own content, Mitchell is also passionate about supporting and collaborating with diverse artists. She believes in providing a platform for creatives from all backgrounds to showcase their work and contribute to the representation of diverse voices. Through partnerships and collaborations, Mitchell has been able to further expand the range of content available through Diverse Coloring Books. This approach not only enriches the variety of perspectives and experiences represented in her books but also allows her to support and uplift fellow creatives in the industry.

Recognizing the Importance of Inclusive Media

Mitchell's work with Diverse Coloring Books comes at a time when the need for inclusive media has never been more apparent. The lack of representation in mainstream media has long been a point of contention, particularly in the children's entertainment and literature space. Without diverse voices and experiences being showcased, many individuals are left feeling marginalized and invalidated.

In recent years, there has been a growing demand for more diverse and inclusive content, driven by consumers who are seeking media that reflects the world around them. This shift has prompted many industries, including publishing and entertainment, to reevaluate their approaches to representation and diversity. Mitchell's work with Diverse Coloring Books aligns with this movement, providing a solution to the lack of diversity in children's coloring books and offering a positive and impactful alternative.

Building a Brand with a Purpose

As the founder of Diverse Coloring Books, Jasmine Mitchell has not only created a successful business but has also built a brand with a purpose. She is dedicated to using her platform to advocate for diversity and representation, and she hopes to inspire others to do the same. Mitchell's commitment to inclusivity and empowerment extends beyond her products, as she actively engages with her audience through various initiatives and events.

One such initiative is the "Color with Purpose" campaign, where Mitchell partners with schools and community organizations to distribute her coloring books to children who may not have access to them otherwise. Through this campaign, she aims to ensure that all children have the opportunity to see themselves represented in her books, regardless of their socioeconomic status. This campaign has been instrumental in reaching a wider audience and making a positive impact in underserved communities.

The Future of Diverse Coloring Books

Looking ahead, Jasmine Mitchell has ambitious plans for the future of Diverse Coloring Books. She hopes to continue expanding her collection of coloring books to encompass an even wider range of diverse voices and experiences. Additionally, she is exploring opportunities to adapt her content into other forms of media, such as animated series and interactive digital platforms. Mitchell's ultimate goal is to create a lasting and meaningful impact by providing representation and empowerment to individuals of all backgrounds.

As she continues to pursue her mission, Mitchell remains committed to upholding the values of diversity, inclusion, and empowerment in everything she does. She hopes to inspire others to join her in championing the representation of diverse voices and create a more inclusive world for future generations.


In a society where representation matters, it is individuals like Jasmine Mitchell who are paving the way for a more inclusive and diverse media landscape. Through her work with Diverse Coloring Books, she has demonstrated the power of creativity as a tool for empowerment and advocacy. By prioritizing the representation of diverse voices and experiences, Mitchell is making a lasting impact on the lives of those who encounter her work.

As a Xavier University alumna, Mitchell's journey is a testament to the university's commitment to excellence, service, and social justice. Her dedication to empowering diverse voices aligns with the values instilled by her alma mater, and she serves as an inspiring example of the impact that one person can make.

As the demand for inclusive media continues to grow, it is essential to recognize and support individuals and initiatives that prioritize diverse representation. Jasmine Mitchell and Diverse Coloring Books stand as a shining example of how art and media can be used to elevate underrepresented voices and create a more equitable and inclusive society. Through her innovative approach and unwavering commitment, Mitchell is shaping the future of media and advocacy, one coloring book at a time.

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